Stalking my Ex-Boyfriend’s, Ex-Girlfriend

Hello All,

Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016Day 19: S

Theme: Relationship

Summary: A chapter in my life when I was stalking someone who was stalking me.

I am quite an online stalker, actually. I must’ve stalked half my readers and know you guys by your face ((Creepy???))

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I usually don’t stalk people and then make friends but once I am friends with someone, I start stalking them. My stalking remains till FB, Twitter, Google+, WordPress, Blogger and Google; I believe in the fact that, everything can be found on Google.  I met ‘S’ when he was going through a break up. I was his rebound girlfriend.  He had mentioned a few things about his ex ‘L’. As far as I know ‘S’, he is too lazy to do anything. He is so lazy that he hardly planned a date and usually was 30 minutes late for any date, I planned.

Anyway, when I broke up with ‘S’, I knew for the fact that he wouldn’t make a new girlfriend, but I had a feeling that he would rebound with the old flame, because of his laziness. Not that I wanted to be back with ‘S’ and I didn’t care who he was seeing after our break up. But I cared, a little. I secretly wanted him to pine over me forever, just like Noah did for Allie, in The Notebook! Yeah, I am guilty of wanting it secretly.

Anyway, because I knew ‘S’ so well, I started stalking his ex. Apparently, ‘L’ had quit Facebook after ‘S’ and I started dating and he had put our relationship on Facebook. When I started stalking her, I realised she was still absent from Facebook. I started stalking my ex’s profile to see if he had made any changes. But I got nothing from Facebook. I finally found her on Google+, but there were no updates from her. I was really keen to know if he was dating her. I finally, found her brother on facebook and I stalked him for a few days, but seemed like people from their hometown are off Facebook.

I started stalking her on Google and I found quite some interesting facts about her. I also found a picture of hers, on her brother’s profile. Truth being, I was jealous of her as she was thinner, prettier and younger. I hated her a lot, though I didn’t know her personally. I wanted to go to their hometown and ask her if she and ‘S’ are still talking, but I didn’t.

Finally, one day I received a text from my ex, who told me he is relocating to his hometown and I was shattered; as I knew, the reason. I wanted to cry and yell but to keep my self-respect; I decided to wish him luck. Now, I knew that he was moving to his hometown and I stopped stalking his ex.

One day, I received a call from an unknown number. It was her. Turned out that, she was stalking me while I was stalking her. The truth was that my ex and his ex were talking after our break up (which made me super-sad), but apparently, he cancelled the trip and told her that he still loved me. I know it’s mean to be happy when someone still loves you, even after the break up, but I was very happy.

Now, that I know, my ex is still pining over me and his ex is sad about it, I am relaxed and in the non-stalking mode.

Well, this was a small experience that included me, my ex and his ex. I know most of you guys would judge me and think I am mean! Well, yes, I am!!!

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3 thoughts on “Stalking my Ex-Boyfriend’s, Ex-Girlfriend

  1. Intriguing. I am not much a relationship person…but I can’t help but imagine that I could act like this when in the same shoes. The things love make us do…right? I never have much of a stalker energy but I do have a friend who does it perfectly. Though she mostly targets her nieces and nephews on instagram.

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