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Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016Day 18: R

Theme: Relationship

Summary: A checklist for those who want to fall in love.

Every girl needs to have a reality check when she is in a relationship. Here’s a post that will act as my checklist for the next time, I claim I am in love. For the records, I often fall in and out of love!!!

Questions to be asked about your feelings for ‘The Boy/Man’:

  1. Do you have goose bumps even on a fully waxed hand when you see him?
  2. Can you spend the time with him without talking at all?
  3. Do you see yourself doing all the household work at HIS place?
  4. Does his smile make you weak at all the right places?

Questions to be asked about your own self-respect:

  1. Do you have to cancel the plans you’ve made with your friends because HE has planned a date?
  2. Is it always you, who makes the reservations for dinner or plans a vacation?
  3. Are you always waiting for a reply from him for the text you had sent hours ago?
  4. Are you being humiliated more than being loved?

Questions to be asked about your inner-self:

  1. Are you neglecting your friends for your lover?
  2. Do you have to lie to yourself about his honesty?
  3. Do you think he still talks to his ex or is two-timing you?
  4. Do you think you have started neglecting yourself and your hobbies?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to all the questions from the first set; he is definitely the one who loves you.

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to all the questions from the second set, you should be evaluating your choice.

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to all the questions from the third set, you should sit with yourself and THINK HARD.

This is the Reality Check-list; I am going to follow in the future. We all need to have a reality check when it comes to loving someone.

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Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself!

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Written by Chaotic Soul

Ashmita Chatterjee is a Creative Writer/Blogger from Mumbai. She is an Enthusiast, Straight Forward girl who has found joy in Writing Blogs. Ashmita is a Loud Creator of Amazing Blogs, Short Stories and Erotica at Chaoticsoulzzz! She started her blog in 2011. When Ashmita is not being very busy, she can be found Writing, Reading, Eating, or Recklessly Travelling with her loved ones. She is known by the name of @chaoticsoulzzz on her Twitter and Instagram.


  1. Sounds reasonable I suppose. I’m content where I am with my wife and hope neither of us has to think about falling in love with anyone else but each other for the rest of our lives.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    Liked by 1 person

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