Quietly Love Fades Away…

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Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016Day 17: Q

Theme: Relationship

Summary: Not all love stories end well…

Natasha never thought she will be sitting alone on the couch; she and her husband had bought as their ‘new home first furniture’. Natasha thought of all the wonderful moments she and Steve shared on that couch. Natasha sat there with a bowl of noodles and it was her anniversary; the anniversary that used to be so much fun as 2 years ago.

Natasha was an editor of a magazine while Steve was a banker. They met at a wedding of a common friend and they just hit the right chords, immediately. They got married within 7 months after dating. They had a register marriage and a small reception for family and friends. Natasha loved shopping for clothes and shoes, while Steve loved shopping for investments.

It had been 3years since they had signed the papers for getting married and now she was there sitting all alone. Natasha had seen her parents having a weak marriage of 15 years and Steve’s parents have a strong marriage of 25 years and still going strong. She wondered if it was her fault that the love in their relationship quietly faded away!

Natasha finished eating her noodles and went to sleep. She got an email from her attorney, who told her that her divorce was finalised and she can sign the papers in two weeks from now. Natasha looked at her phone calendar and told herself, “2 Weeks from now!!! It’s Valentine’s Day!!!” She cried until she was exhausted and fell asleep.

She woke up and thought about what exactly happened in her marriage. They were falling apart without even starting. Natasha loved going out to parties and shopping and do all the fun things, while Steve loved sitting at home with his stock exchange website and the business hour on the TV. One evening, when Natasha came home, she found Steve sitting on the couch. He was upset, she could tell. She sat beside him and asked him what happened to him. Steve looked at her and said, “I lost 500,000!!!” She was stunned too. He then said he wants to take a break from work and figure out what to do! She agreed and suggested a vacation. They agreed. They planned an exotic vacation to Goa.

One morning, Natasha got up and woke Steve up to enjoy the beach and then lunch with lots of beers. But Steve decided to stay in. Natasha couldn’t live in the hotel room with crappy TV shows. She decided to go out on her own. She went to the beach, read a book, had Calamari and Beers. Steve called her to ask her where she was and she said, expecting him to come over and surprise her. By the time it was time for dinner, Natasha left for her hotel and when she reached there, she saw Steve with a paid girl, on their bed.

Natasha was shattered and Steve was embarrassed. Natasha felt she wasn’t any good to him. She felt he lost interest in her. Steve apologised but Natasha didn’t listen to him and booked herself the next flight to Mumbai. On reaching home, the both of them had an adult talk.

Steve said, “I am sorry!” Natasha asked, “For what?” Steve apologetically said, “I am really sorry! I didn’t mean to bring that girl in our room. I was at the hotel restaurant waiting for you, when she approached me, I was drunk.” Natasha furiously said, “You were Drunk? Weren’t you drunk enough to pay her the charges???” Steve couldn’t see Natasha in the eye. He said, “I know what I did was wrong and unforgivable! But you know how love left our relationship.” Natasha looked surprised because she loved him even after he cheated on her. Steve continued, “You loved hanging out with your friends. You loved the parties and weekend shopping, while all I wanted was to sit at home and spend time with you.” Natasha was in tears by now, when Steve came to her to hug her she asked him to go away and never come back.

Since then, Natasha blamed herself for letting love go away from their life. She blamed herself for encouraging him, unknowingly to cheat. She thought it was she who let him get away.

Steve never returned and Natasha thought how ‘Quietly Love Fades Away…’

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2 thoughts on “Quietly Love Fades Away…

  1. Agree, not all love stories have a HEA end. Most don’t in fact. Poor Natasha! I hope she will find happiness with a more worthy man some day.

    Here from the A-Z and wish you the very best for the rest of the challenge,

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  2. We all seek our happy endings. And every time we don’t get it…then it just means we are yet to meet the right one. Sad but beautiful and relatable story.

    Liked by 1 person

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