Chapter 18 | The Day Someone New Came



Maya woke up next to Shiv. She looked at him and smiled. She then recollected the episode from the last night and the night before that. Maya was relieved that Shiv now knows about Vishal and she has nothing to hide about. Maya was sitting in her living room with her cup of tea and checked her email. She had to write more articles. She wished she had some privacy. She also thought she is being selfish for wanting some privacy. She wondered if she was always so selfish. Just to interrupt her thoughts, she saw Shiv walking out of the bedroom. With no T-Shirt and just his shorts he looked like he is just out of a Mills and Boon story.

He looked at her and smiled. She smiled too. She felt bad for treating him so bad the other night. Shiv got himself a cup of tea and sat on the chair. Maya said, “I am sorry…” Shiv took a sip of his tea and licked lips and said, “I am sorry too baby.” Maya smiled and took a sip of her tea and asked Shiv, “What do you want for breakfast – Maggi or Omelette Bread?” Shiv said, “I’ll make bread omelette for us.” Maya got up and said, “Mr. Chef, relax! Come and help me, rather.” Maya walked up to the kitchen door, turned around and asked, “By the way what time is your flight?” Shiv was checking his emails on his phone; he turned around and said, “I will leave by 8 PM.”

Shiv went to the kitchen while Maya was making the omelettes. He held Maya from behind and kissed her neck. She laughed as she was ticklish and said, “Wait! Wait! Let me get off this breakfast arrangement.” Shiv laughed and replied, “I’m in the living room. Call me if you need anything. I’m waiting for you.” Maya smiled while taking off the omelette. She asked Shiv to help her with the plates. He entered the kitchen took the plates from her and kissed her and went to the living room. Maya admired his body from behind, she wanted to hug him and make sweet love to him. She followed him with the packet of bread and sat next to him. They talked about their work while having breakfast. Maya got a call from Ganesh Prabhu. Maya frowned looked at Shiv and said, “Work.” She went to the kitchen while talking to Ganesh. She came out and told Shiv, “I have to go to the agency today. It seems Ganesh and his boss Heeral wants to meet me!” Maya rolled her eyes and told Shiv, if he wants to join her. Shiv said, “I have a few work to do. So, let’s meet up for lunch?” Maya nodded and went to her bedroom. Shiv followed her and held her from back and said, “Next time, when I meet you it will be more than a month.” Maya turned around with a question on her face. Shiv held her close to him, kissed on her forehead and said, “After two weeks, I will be going to New York. Remember the intern who used to work for me Sameer? He is getting married. By the time I come back it’ll be almost a month.” Maya smiled and said, “Ahhh! Cool!”  She kissed Shiv and said, “So you are going to New York! Aren’t you supposed to do something to your fiancee before you leave?”

He smiled and pushed Maya on the bed. Maya smiled and stared at Shiv. Shiv kissed her. He was rejoiced to see her reacting to his kiss. He felt her hand sliding over his bare back, pulling him near to him, very near. Maya held him closer to her. The heat between them had accelerated and so did Shiv’s actions. Shiv couldn’t get control any longer, neither did she! Shiv felt her thrusting towards him. He immediately felt the urgency in her body. She was burning up, literally. He pulled her closer and kissed her hard when she was close enough. She moaned. “Shiv…” That’s what he wanted to hear; Maya breathing his name. Maya was beneath him wanting his touch, willing and wilder than any woman he had ever known.

Shiv slid his fingers beneath the tight band of her bikini. He teased her while she scratched and dug into his shoulders. For the first time, he didn’t do as he ached. He wanted to feel her wetness with his manhood instead of his fingers. He claimed her mouth, cherishing the kiss with the love of his life. He kept teasing her while not ready to leave her mouth. She moaned once again, her feminine sound made him want her moan. Without waiting much, he throbbed his manhood in her. Finally she was weak, eyes closed, breathing heavily. Satisfaction burned in every cell of their body. He lay on top of her and watched her breasts falling and rising, trying to catch her breath.

“Shouldn’t you be going to take a shower?” She opened her eyes slowly, looked at him and smiled. She nodded, while he relaxed his body besides her now. He hugged her, while she was still shivering and getting back to her senses. She thought, “What was this – Post-fight sex?” She turned around and lay on Shiv’s arms. He took her in his embrace and kissed her forehead. She sat on the bed and looked at him, he looked relaxed. She wondered how she got so lucky. She grabbed the towel and covered herself and walked towards the shower. She turned around and looked at Shiv and said, “You can hop in, if you want to.” Shiv smiled at her and waited for her to get in the shower. He entered the shower when he heard the water flow.

Water was gushing down her hair and body. She knew he was there, right behind her. She kept her eyes closed as she rinsed off the shampoo. She opens her eyes and turned around and finds him standing there, with his manhood. One more step and he would be as wet as she is. She steps backward by a step, so that he can enter the shower with her. As she sees the water droplets on him, she could see his broad shoulders and then his chest and slowly her eyes followed the droplets of water that trickled down his chest towards his manhood. “Oh man!” she exclaimed. He laughed and pulled her closer to him, while the water fell on them. She closed his eyes, and felt the cold water against her own hot body. He held her by the waist, and kissed her like a hungry man. His arms grips tighter as he pressed her against the wall. She held her neck while her lips melted in his and her tongue searching for his tongue. They kissed passionately and heard a moan from him. She smiled but paused when she felt his strength in between her thighs.

“Baby, I better get you ready and clean for your meeting”, said Shiv. He gets the sponge and pours some of her lavender body wash and turns her around and starts scrubbing her back. She likes to be pampered and when it is Shiv, she loves it even more. He then kneels in the shower and scrubs her all over at the back. He then asks her to turn around. She does as asked to. He scrubs her legs and reaches the place where he had been a moment ago. He teases her waist as he knows she is very ticklish. While she moves he holds her tightly and is back on his feet. He touches her bare body with his hands and cherishes every moment. She repeats the favor of cleaning him up.

They dry themselves and come out of the shower as quickly as they can. Maya looks at him. He looks sexier with his wet hair and damp body. While, he comes near Maya and opens her towel which drops down on the floor and he asks Maya to sit on the chair closest to them. Maya fidgets with his towel, which eventually falls off, revealing his manhood. They make mad love on the chair, until they both are exhausted.  She looks at the time and yells, “It’s already 11. I have to meet them in half an hour.” Shiv stands there, still not a piece of cloth on him. He settles on the bed where the made love before they took shower together and looked at Maya getting ready.

She wore his favorite lingerie – black and satin. He stared at her as he knew she wore it to tease him. She looked at him and smiled naughtily. While pulled out her black trouser and blue shirt. While she was getting ready, Shiv searched for his shorts and wore them back and sat on the edge of the bed. Maya said while blowing her hair dry, “I have become fat. Have you seen?” Shiv laughed and said, “They say people in love usually put on weight.” She looked at him and smiled. She dried her hair a little and then left it open. She then applied her make-up. She was all set to leave for her meeting.

She bent towards Shiv and kissed him on his lips. Knowing that they both won’t be able to control themselves, Maya pulled away and walked towards the living room. She said, “Where do you want to have lunch?” He followed her and said, “You say.” She searched for her mobile and then took out her black heels and wore them and said, “Any place is okay with me.” He said, “Fine. Let’s go to the Punjabi place near your office?” Maya asked, “Punjab Grill?” He nodded while she put all her junk in her handbag. She said, “Cool! Meet me by 2?” He held her again and placed a soft and passionate kiss on her lips and said, “2 is good! See you.” She smiled and tried to gather herself up after the passionate kiss.

She smiled all the way through the lift till her car. She turned on her car and the FM and drove away to her office. She saw Heeral and Ganesh sitting in the conference room. Heeral waved at Maya and asked her to come in. Maya walked in and smiled and greeted them both. Heeral welcomed her pleasantly while Ganesh had neutral face. They spoke about a new client who had started business with them. They were an US based company who dealt with baby products. Heeral wanted Maya to write the articles for this company. Maya then saw a guy enter the conference room. He was tall and a little dusky. Maya saw Ganesh smile and wondered, “Damn! Never smiles at me!!! Who is this guy?” Maya wished she knew more guys who freelance for Ganesh. Heeral hugged this person and asked him to sit. Heeral then introduced Maya and this new guy, “Maya this is Pranshu. Pranshu this is Maya, our best freelance writer.” Ganesh continued, “Maya, he is our client from the US.”

Pranshu stretched his hands towards Maya and Maya shook hands with Pranshu. They smiled. Pranshu said, “Well, my name is Pranshu Iyer and I was born in Chennai. But eventually moved out of this country and settled in New York.” Maya smiled while he continued, “Heeral and Ganesh tells me that you are their best and efficient writer and I would want you to work for us. I started ‘Care for Toddler’ for my sister. She loves babies and I thought it will be good for her while she is going through some difficult time.” Maya asked, “So what does your company offers?” Pranshu smiled and said, “A to Z everything that a baby needs – From new born nursing care to a babysitting. We have cradle, clothes, baby toys, medicines, services for babies and new mothers, everything.” Maya seemed interested to know more and that’s when Pranshu said, “Why don’t I tell you more about my company over lunch?”

She wanted to say no as she has to meet Shiv for lunch, but she said, “Yes, of course.” She made a call to Shiv and told him that the meeting will be extended as she has to go out for lunch with this new client. Shiv asked her if she will be back before he leaves and she agreed.

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