Once Upon A Time!

Maya was stranded on a station and looked around as she didn’t understand anything.  She was devastated and hence ran away from her house.  But now she was lost. 

On the other hand,  there was Shyama who was sitting on the bench outside the station,  waiting for her boyfriend.  She kept calling him,  but he never picked up the call. 

A few days earlier,  these two girls were having the best moment of their life but they never knew they would end up lost in an unknown place.   A few days ago,  Maya’s parents was getting her hitched to a family friend who was a business man and pretty handsome.  Maya wanted to pursue her career and marriage was not something that would allow her to fulfil her dreams of being a writer.  Just a day before the wedding,  Maya eloped from her house and took the only available ticket from Mumbai to kolkata.

Shyama was in love with a  guy who had eloped along with her.  They took a  train from Delhi to Kolkata and while they reached there,  her boyfriend asked her to sit on the bench outside the station while he had gone to take a taxi.  He took her bag which had her money.  He had left her in this unknown place. 

Maya wanted to get down at Tata Nagar but she didn’t wake up and eventually got off at Kolkata.  Shyama was crying on the bench as she gave up everything for love and Maya was confused to see this new place altogether. 

Maya left the station and took stroll jsut outside the station. She asked a few taxi drivers about a place to stay, but she wasn’t familiar with Bengali.  She sat on the bench and heard someone cry.  She walked upto Shyama and asked,  “What happened?  Are you fine?” Shyama looked at Maya and nodded in a yes and said,  “I am  27 and lost.”  Maya sympathetically looked at her and said,  “don’t worry,  I am lost too and this language is an alien language.”

The girls shook their hands and told each other their story.  Maya felt bad for Shyama and told her they should go to the police.  They went to the Railway Police and lodged a complaint.  Luckily,  Shyama was a bengali and knew the language.  They got a hotel room and spent the night talking. 

Maya told Shyama that she wants to learn writing and work in Kolkata and Shyama said, “I can’t even go back home.  My parents will kill me. ” Maya asked Shyama to inform her parents bur Shyama said she needs time. 

A month passed and the girls started working in different hotels as receptionists.  They also lived in a PG.  Shyama had found interest in cooking.  And being in Kolkata meant more and more food.  While Maya meta lot of writers in book clubs and writign clubs and learnt a lot of tricks. 

The girls eventually rented out an apartment where they lived by herself.  Shyama started her tiffin services for  working people and Maya took up a job in a library and started writing her first book. 

It had been a year and the girls had become best friends.  Their families knew where they were and we’re proud of them to achieve their dreams. 

After 7 rejection from different publication house,  Maya finally found a publisher who was ready to publish her book.  Maya finally achieved what she wanted.  On the other hand Shyama started a small but successful restaurant. 

Though the two girls were lost  but they found themselves, eventually. 

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