I almost missed to write. However,  i have a perfect reason to not write yesterday.  While I was coming home from out I had a complete black out moment and I fell on my face.  Obviously,  post this accident,  my mom wouldn’t have allowed me to sit all night.  Anyway,  though I have technically missed a day I am still gonna follow the series and complete each and every day.

So,  recently I have tried Netflix and i am in love with it.  I have this getaway relationship with Netflix.  Being in an Indian household means the TV always have either news or serials. Not all hindi serials are great.  However,  with Netflix in my life I completely save myself from the TV torture. 

I started Netflix and completed season 1 of Orange is the New Black and i was addicted to it. I was then watching movies on Netflix.  Me and my mom usually have this argument about her TV serials and mine.  However,  now with Netflix at my rescue,  i simply sit with  my phone all night and watch back to back episodes of Drop Dead Diva or some movie. 

Till date my best relationship is the one with Netflix. 

I am sorry guys,  but I guess this would be the kind of posts I would be having for a few days. 

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love yourself!


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