I know this is the second day,  I am not posting the post with the format I had designed  however  I am proud of myself for posting it. 

Memories are so strange for all of us that we want to erase the bad memories and cherish the good one’s,  don’t we?  Only if memories were as easy as picking out the rotten Apple from the lot. 

It is so unfair that we have to live with the bad memories.  So one day,  I wished for an amazing ‘lady’  manager, being the feminist I am I was happy to be assigned to one.  However,  all those memories are rotten apples.  Am I bad mouthing a manager here?  YES I AM! 

Talking about memories and the bad one’s,  it is so weird that moving on in life means leaving all the bad memories apart.  Is it possible?  NAAAH! 

Anyway,  this is another day when I am ranting about something.  Ahhh well,  that’s what relationships all about,  RANTING! 

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love yourself!


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