This is not exactly the format how I have kept my A to Z Challenge posts.  Anyway,  today was a rough day!  As they say,  at time should have a bump in the road!  This was one of those days. 

To start with,  I was expecting a job offer from a company where I was selected and had submitted all my documents,  however,  I discovered today that I wasn’t after all getting my offer letter, for some ‘vague’  reason. 

So yes that was for starters, later on in the main course I received a text from my ex boyfriend,  whom I loved more than life wherein he was apologetic for the past. 

For dessert,  I got another text from my same ex boyfriend that,  he was permanently shifting to his native.  Which is by the way very far and where his before me ex lives.  (not sure if you guys got the connection here).

Now here I am crying over my non existing offer letter,  over the break up that happened 4 months ago and over the fact that ‘he’ is going back to his ex or his native,  whatever. 

So in all this,  where am I?  What am I? 

I am lonely as hell!  And it’s not that I had given importance to these things in life,  but these things are something that even the toughest person couldn’t handle. 

There’s a limit for everyone to handle their emotional sanity, however after a certain time,  the limit is off limits and eventually the person sees their own breaking point. 

Today was my breaking point.  I am lonely not because I am unemployed and single,  but because I had been always good to a lot of people and this is not something I deserved. 

I am not known as a very patient person,  but after my break up,  I did have a lot patience to not burst into tears.  Maybe,  this was the closure on this relationship and maybe somewhere I expected us to be together and now I know that’s not going to happen and that has made me weak. 

Also,  the job,  I was confident I was getting it, when the manager ‘congratulated’  me on my job,  I mean who wouldn’t be positive when  a manager tells you,  “Hey we are happy to have you back and congrats you’ll be working with your friend now.” ???

The Universe has something completely different in store for me,  it better does!

Is this a post?  Well,  right now all I have is my blog,  and I didn’t want to skip my day 12… !  I know this isn’t what you guys expected.  But…  This is what it is for today. 

I might go back to crying and Netflix! 

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love yourself! Don’t be Lonely! 


8 thoughts on “Lonely

  1. A writer’s life is a lonely life… Hang in there, things will get better. Until then… write (about everything and nothing), read (you have more friends in books than you imagine – and if you read romance, there’s always someone who’ll love you for the duration of the pages 😉 ) and if all else fails – watch a movie (if you really want to cry, watch Titanic…). Get those emotions out before they escape in unusual and destructive ways. Good luck with the rest of the AtoZchallenge.

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  2. Well, i am not very good with issuing advice but i will share with you what i have learnt during those kind of low moments: When you take time to look deep within your soul, You will always find out that you are better than the situation! Having said that, hang in there like your life depends on it, fight, girl, fight, it’s not always easy to roll with the punches but you MUST fight!

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  3. if u really want a closure…then please start getting rid of all things that could lead you back to him. its like…a bad movie…that you can’t delete from your memory but you wanna forget the bad experiences atleast. Now that you know he is going nearer to his ex…i guess he has moved on “officially”.
    And dont worry…it was jus half of the day gone bad. It’s gonna be alright…
    Howz Netflix going 🙂

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