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Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 11: K

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Theme: Relationship

Summary: This post is dedicated to my fear of Kats!

I had to cover this topic, but Day ‘C’ had already gone and I couldn’t think of any other name that would start with K. So here it is my relationship with Kats. By the way the spelling of Cat and Connection in this post is tweaked on purpose!

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I have a phobia of Kats. Every person whom I tell this looks at me with weird stares. Most of the people say, “How come? Kats are so cute? And aren’t you a writer?” Kats might be cute for a lot of people out there, but for me all I care about is how scared I am of Kats. Also, I am a writer/blogger but just because the social media has made it very evident that most of the writers have a pet Kat, doesn’t mean ALL the writers/bloggers should have pet Kats.

There’s one incident about me and a Kat, in fact there are many, but this one is still doing the mills during the family dinner. One day, while I was coming back from school, there was a Kat at the other side of my building. The Kat kept looking at me, while I kept looking at it. I took one step closer towards my building and the Kats came 5 steps ahead. I was hell scared and I stood on the gate for almost 30 minutes as the Kat was still there. I finally went home when my neighbor saw me scared and standing in the sun and came to ask me what happened to me and then she took me home.  

When I tell people that I am scared of Kats, they ask me if I was ever bitten or scratched by one. The answer to that is – Not in this life, not yet! I ain’t scared of Kats only when it’s around. I am scared of Kats even when they are not around. Even a meow from a Kat will freak me out.

My Konnection with Kats goes long way, I suppose. I believe in reincarnations. I believe that long time ago, maybe some 100 years ago, I was in some way Konnected to Kats. It could be that I was a Kat myself and went against the entire Kat community and that’s why in this life they scare me. Maybe, I was an Egyptian princess or something some hundred years ago and we all know that Egyptians love Kats.

Very few people are aware that, I am so scared of Kats that, out of 30 days in a month 29 days I have nightmares related to Kats. Now these nightmares are not the kind where they are killing me (though I have seen those too) but those are mostly just a Kat in my dream. Doing nothing or maybe just meowing, but the moment I see a Kat in my dreams, I get up while I am yelling for help and I am all teary eyed.  

I honestly don’t know what my Konnection with Kats is but they scare the shit out of me! If any one of you has some theory or logic behind seeing Kats in dreams by an ailurophobe, please let me know in the comments below!

The reason I covered this topic in Relationship theme is because, I have a hate and fear relationship with Kats.

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