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Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 10 : J

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Theme: Relationship

Summary: A Short story yet again of Maya and how she did something that will make her proud always.

Maya was nervous. There were butterflies in her tummy doing somersaults. She got another text – ‘We will meet for the 8:15 show?’ Maya looked at the message and banged the phone on her head a few times and wondered if she should say yes? That’s when she realized, she already had said yes and he was just confirming the time. Maya was getting in touch with her ex – Her ex-crush not lover.

Maya was in love with this guy 8 years ago and then things were messed up and they had stopped talking. They did share a few messages from time to time, but Maya had started dating another guy 4 years after her break up with Joshua. After dating Sid for a while, they broke up too. Joshua was back in town and wanted to catch up with Maya.

Maya only knew one kind of catching up when it comes to Joshua – Kissing in the theater and a lot of intimate moments. However, back when Maya was 18 all this excited her. Now, Maya was 26 and she wanted no commitments, no sex, and no nothing. But Maya was scared that she wouldn’t be able to say No to him, if he tried to kiss her, after all he was the first guy whom she kissed.

Maya spoke to her best friend who asked her to live her life the way she wants to. May was glad her best friend gave her such a good advice, but honestly it wasn’t helping Maya. She wanted someone to tell her to not go on this date, because she couldn’t tell her the same.

Maya realized that all the feelings she had for Joshua back then were just infatuation and she was in love with Sid and even now after the break up, she didn’t want to get close to someone else, it felt like cheating to her.

Maya had to start getting ready for the Movie and dinner date. Joshua always made her feel special. She had a very different connection with him. Most of the times, Maya is the demanding and intimidating girl but when it comes to Joshua, he made her feel the way most people felt about her. She was intimidated by Joshua.

When Maya met Joshua for the first time, she was naive; she was attracted to Mills and Boon and made an image of this guy whom she met online as the guy just out of her imagination. He was working well, well-behaved, chivalrous, gentleman and kissed like Gerard Butler kisses in ‘P.S. I Love you’, Maya had fallen for him. It’s been years since she has met him and she was just nervous. The main reason for her to meet Joshua was to have a closure on their relation.

Maya chose to wear something very mature, so that he doesn’t think of her as the kid she used to be. She also chose to meet him with confidence and see how the time goes. She went with the flow. Maya reached the theater and waited for him, just when she saw him, her blood pressure went high, the butterflies in her tummy now had heart attacks and she was cold.

Joshua said ‘Hi’ to her with a half hug. They went for the movie. Maya was praying to God, “God, Please let there be some technical problem and let the lights not go off.” Just as she said that to God, the lights went off. Maya was now shivering; the air conditioned room seemed too cold. Maya wanted to get up and walk out of the door and tell him, not to meet her ever again. Maya told herself that he had broken her heart. She was now continuously looking at the screen but her mind was running the marathon.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHH”, she wanted to yell and run away, but she took a few deep breaths and told herself, “Maya, you are a big girl now; you don’t have to be scared of him.” Just then Joshua made a movement towards her and she shifted her body to the opposite side. She still kept looking at the screens. She was thinking of Sid. She missed him. She missed the way they used to watch movies. They hardly kissed in the theaters, they actually watched movies, they enjoyed every moment of the movie.

“Snap out of it!” Maya told herself. “They are both jerks! Think about something more pleasant! FOOD?” Maya reminded herself. Maya was trying to think of other things in life like food, books, and her friends. She again felt a shift in the body weight of Joshua. Maya now wanted to cry and go back to her Mommy!!!

“Thank you Universe!!! Thanks!!!” Maya thanked the Universe when the screen showed the Interval sign! She was happy that there will be light. Maya never loved lights; she loved darkness, but that day lights were her best friend. Joshua looked at her and asked, “What happened baby?” Maya told herself, “Oh No! He used THAT word again! Baby! I want to kill this man and go to the jail. The prison would be better! Just tell him.” While she was talking to herself, she looked blankly at Joshua who was now confused. Maya cleared her throat and said, “Joshua, I can’t kiss you! I don’t want to kiss you.” Maya felt relieved the moment she said it out! Joshua looked a little annoyed. She said further, “I came to meet you today for a closure. You know I can’t be talking to you and meeting you, when you want me to.” Joshua looked disinterested by now and looked really upset.

The rest of the movie was a pleasant experience for Maya, as she had said what she wanted to. Maya was thankful that just in time she did the right thing. She didn’t regret not kissing Joshua, though she knows this will be the last time she met him. She was grateful that just in time she had her head on the right track and didn’t get intimate with him. She knew she would’ve regretted the morning after. She was proud of herself. It was a task for Maya to resist Joshua.

Maya didn’t do it for Sid, but for herself. She wanted to be honest to herself. She wanted to resist a man who is irresistible. Just in time, Maya was now completely single with no closures remaining.

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