I am in Love…

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Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 9: I

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Theme: Relationship

Summary: A very-very-very short story/conversation between a daughter and mother. It’s all about Love.

“I am in love…” Maya told to her mother. Her mother was very happy to know that Maya was in love. Maya’s mother had always wanted Maya to get married and have her family, but Maya had been avoiding marriage for 2 years. The 26 year old Maya was at a stage in her life where she had a job that she loved also was working on her first book.

Maya’s mother asked her about the person she loves.

 Maya said, “Ma, this person whom I love is the best thing that has happened to me. Initially, I thought I won’t fall in love ever. But I was so glad when I felt the love. Remember how people at school used to make fun of me?” Maya’s mother nodded. Maya continued, “Ma, remember the boy from school who made me say out loud in front of the whole class ‘I am FAT’. He bullied me all my life. Since then all I believed is that I am FAT and I am of no use.” Maya was in tears and she continued, “Ma, remember how I used to hate looking at myself and wanted to break all the mirrors in the house. At my age, when girls used to love shopping, I used to detest it. I hated changing rooms all my life. I used to curse myself because I wasn’t good looking and FAT.”

Maya’s mother held her hand while Maya continued, “When dad left us, I hated myself more. I thought I was the reason that dad left. I was in the suicidal mode. I was in depression and no one was ever here to understand me.” Maya’s mother was in tears by now. Maya said, “Ma, you know when I got my latest job as a Manager, you were so happy! People in your family always thought I won’t be earning too well, because people with weight issues get rejected most of the time. I proved all of them wrong. I am glad ma, I took this opportunity and this is why I fell in love today.”

Maya’s mother nodded and Maya said, “Maya this person who loves me, loves me for who I am and also tells me one thing always – ‘No Matter What I will never leave.’ Isn’t this the sweetest thing ever?” Maya’s mother said, “He certainly loves you Maya.” Maya said, “Ma, I know I am 26 and fat and you want me to get married, but you know what I want? I want to write books, earn a lot of money and take you places. I want to travel the world and enjoy life to the fullest. I don’t want to regret my decisions after getting married. Ma, the person who loves me the most is ME – Myself! I love myself Ma. And at this moment I want to love myself more. I have hated myself for years now; this is the first time I realised how much I love myself. I want to spend some time with myself and want to know myself more.”

Maya’s mother was shocked and said, “But, you are 26, you should be married by now.” Maya said, “Ma, why will someone love me when I don’t love myself. The first person to love myself should be me. Believe me Ma – loving me is the best decision I have taken. Love will happen when the time is right.”

Maya’s mother tried to understand what Maya wanted to say and hugged her.

This post is a small effort and a small request to all the parents out there who are forcing and requesting their children to get married. Please try to listen to them once. Sit with them and maybe they also want to explore themselves first. Size and color of your children shouldn’t affect anyone who actually loves them. Don’t force them into something for which they will blame you later. Support them and live their dream with them. Your children will be stronger when they have their parents’ support.

Every child is different; they have different dreams and ways of living. Support them to achieve their creative dreams. I understand, that being a parent is difficult and all you’ll want is the best or your children, but trust me your children wants the best for you and them. You’ll have all the rights to yell at them and beat them up when they are doing things wrong. However, please don’t create your definition of WRONG THINGS. A child if trying to be a guitarist instead of Mechanical Engineer isn’t wrong, it is different.

I am sorry readers; this post was a little late. I had written 2 posts before this and after completing 70% of the post, I couldn’t connect with the post. However, this post triggered my heart in a good way and I had to write this.

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