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Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016Day 8: H

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Theme: Relationship

Summary: This is a story of Soham and Maya – A story of two lovers that includes cheating, break-ups, grass and other heart breaking things. Not all love stories have a happy ending, does it?

I’m drunk, I shouldn’t be doing it.” Soham told himself while getting himself tattooed with his ex’s name. However, he didn’t say it out aloud and the tattoo artist kept on inking his ex’s name all over his hand. Soham was young, when he did this without thinking much. He was heartbroken and loved his ex a lot. He had turned himself into much worse than before.

Soham was a complete mess when he met Maya. Maya on the other hand was looking for a rebound from her own break up and went for Soham, the moment he proposed a weekend at his place. Maya was a mess too but a little better than Soham or maybe just different kind of mess. They met at work, started talking, shared their past love stories and hugged. It wasn’t too late when Maya saw a tattoo on his hand and freaked out. You got her name tattooed on you. He said, “Yeah! I have her on me! But I’m a virgin.” Maya looked at him and told him her truth. “Soham, I never had sex with my ex.” Soham smiled, but Maya continued, “But… A month ago, I had a one night stand. I lost my virginity to an office colleague while I was dead drunk.” Soham freaked out and broke up with Maya in a week since he said he loves her.

Sitting in his house, he told himself, “She is not a virgin. Someone has seen her body. It won’t be just me then who would have seen her naked. How can I marry such a girl?” He discussed this with his best friend and partner in crime, who told him, “What’s your problem? She is older than you by 2 years! She has been physical once, and she is experienced. On the top of that, she is at an awesome position at work too. You are one guy who has everything we all want in a girl! – Looks, curvy body, experience, modern, and rich!” Soham was still confused. HE was from a small town in Chennai and wasn’t okay with the Mumbai Lifestyle. He decided to not continue with Maya. He also told himself, “It’s been just a week and Maya shouldn’t be affected with this break up.”

Next day Maya and Soham saw each other in the lift. Maya didn’t look at Soham and moved on to her cubicle. Soham looked at Maya and noticed a swollen eye. He wondered, “Did she cry for me? Or she drank too much last night.” Soham called Maya on her extension and asked, “Did you cry or drank too much?” Maya replied, “I drank a lot, cried and slept in the whole weekend.” Soham asked her to meet him. Maya met him during the tea break and they hugged outside office. Soham couldn’t break up with her. He kept in mind every word said by his friend.

Maya and Soham dated for almost two years and broke up almost 20 times in 2 years. Soham always felt Maya was over ambitious and too experienced. They had clashes and arguments over small things. Maya was very clingy, according to Soham. Soham stopped texting her over the weekend and met her directly at work, which made Maya worry a lot.

Soham was feeling guilty to treat Maya in such a way and also was angry because she spoke to every guy at work. Soham felt she was still in touch with her one-night stand. Maya assured him, it is only him whom she loves, but Soham never trusted her.

To sustain their relationship, Maya usually planned dates and took Soham out for movies and dinner. Soham wasn’t the guy who liked going out while he couldn’t spend enough money on Maya and he felt Maya was taking him out on dates to prove the world that she is superior. One evening, while on a date, Maya received a call from Soham’s Ex. Maya was furious when she came to know that they are still in talking terms. Maya was okay with the talking to the ex but she detests lies. Soham on the other hand denied that he spoke to his ex. After a week’s fight, Maya believed Soham and apologized to him to doubt his character. Soham on the other hand was very happy that he could fool Maya and continued a secret texting relationship with his ex. Maya’s female instinct wanted her to believe the ex but her love for Soham didn’t let her. Maya was being loyal, while Soham kept on cheating.

One weekend, when Soham and Maya decided to take an off and spend the day at some resort, Soham’s phone rang while he was in the washroom and Maya saw his ex calling. She let the phone rang and kept the phone on the bed when the phone beeped again with a text. Maya tried to stop herself from reading the text, but she couldn’t. Her female instinct forced her to read the text. Maya couldn’t believe her eyes. She knew that Soham was cheating on her. She couldn’t live without Soham. She didnt say a word about it. She out the entire incident on the back of her mind and tried to enjoy her weekend.

Soham was dead drunk that day and told Maya that he can only think of one thing when he looks at Maya. She asked, “What?” And he said, “That I am not the first guy you slept with.” Without discussing this any further, Maya turned around and slept. Soham was feeling proud that he was two-timing the girls and none of them knew about it. He sent a text to his ex saying that he broke up with Maya. Soham’s ex was from the same town in Chennai as Soham and believed in sex after marriage. Soham was talking to her for the future, so that he can marry her while he was with Maya in Mumbai, because she was taking care of his expenses and also providing her the best sex of life.

By now, Maya had made up her mind to break it up with Soham. Soham was at his place when he got a text image from a friend in Chennai, who sent him a photo of his ex with a guy holding hands in a garden well-known for couples to have fun. Soham was disheartened. He wanted to marry a girl who was virgin. Maya called Soham and said she wants to break up with Soham. Soham was scared now. He didn’t want to be alone. He asked her why? She told her that she knows about the two-timing he has been doing. Soham paused for a moment and with smartest mind of his he said, “I guess you now have feelings for your ex or maybe for the guy you slept with…” Maya was in tears and was unsure of how to react. She was trying to explain Soham that she has been loyal to him since the day they started dating. And her one night stand was once when she was dead drunk and it didn’t mean anything to her.

Soham had kept the phone on speaker and was smoking some grass. He was high and told Maya that he never loved her and he wished he could have both her and his ex. Maya was disgusted by now and knew he was high and broke up with him. Soham was again a guy with broken heart and decided to smoke up more. He kept on rolling joints and finally slept. In the morning, his mother woke him up and asked what happened between Maya and him. He was then into senses and apologised to Maya.

Maya never replied to any of his texts. Soham contacted Maya’s mother, brother and friends, but there were no response from anyone. He left her texts but never received a reply. Soham went into depression. He has no one who loves him; he has no one whom he can love. He thought a lot and realized what a fool he was to cheat on Maya. He always knew Maya would never leave him and if things go wrong with the ex, he will still have Maya. But Maya was gone now. He asked himself, “Is it because of me? Did I do everything wrong?”

Soham is still in Mumbai, alone. He never could have convinced another girl to be his girlfriend or partner. He has no clue what happened to Maya. He wished he knew something about her. He wished he didn’t cheat on her and mistreated her. He was sorry for his behavior, but this time he didn’t have Maya to listen to His Sorry or rather His-Story!

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This was another short story in the A to Z Challenge. What do you think happened to Maya? Did she move on? Do you’ll want to hear the story of Maya?

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