Gifts You Should Never Give A Woman

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Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 7: G

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Theme: Relationship

Summary: 6 Gifts You Should Never Give a Woman is something guys should know.

We all love gifts. Surprises and pre-planned gifts are really something we all love to receive and give. My birthday, just been gone, I decided to cover Gifts You Should Never Give a Woman for all those lovers out there who think they are giving the best gifts to their woman.

There are a lot of things that we as women love but we don’t want them as a gift. If you guys remember the scene from Sex and The City 2 where Mr. Big gifts Carrie a Television for their Anniversary, Carrie isn’t that excited about it, is she? That’s because, we might’ve said at some point that, “Awww… I love that so much” But we might not really want it forever. We just loved it once and yeah that’s it!

Now the below options are for those who like women like me – Unpredictable and difficult to please.

  1. Cooking Supplies:

Yeah, so maybe you love to see me in the kitchen and you also want to eat the scrumptious meal I prepare. Yeah, I’m talented and I love to cook and I would want to be in kitchen for a few minutes in the kitchen. But, if you give me a cooking supply, which could be very trendy and latest, all I would see is that you consider me as the woman who SHOULD be in the kitchen. And that’s not quite a deal maker, if you ask me.

We might love to cook, but you giving us something like that are not really for me. And if I had to buy a fancy microwave, I would have got it myself. Don’t you think I can provide for myself? I don’t have it, because I don’t want it. Well, drop the plan if the next time your lady hasn’t asked for a kitchen supply and you want to surprise her with that. Maybe, you’ll be surprised to see a side, you don’t wish to see.

  1. Flowers:

Now, don’t get me wrong on this one. I love flowers, but if it’s an occasion like a birthday or an anniversary, better the flowers be accompanying something else. If you get me just flowers, I will have a feeling that I am in the Emergency Room. And you don’t want the lady of your life to feel like the Emergency Room while she is with you, right?

A flower simply means to someone like me that you are not interested in putting in the effort to guess what I want or you haven’t taken the hint that I have been giving for the past one week. When I said, “I would love it if I had a book library in them idle of the house.” Or “How cool would it be if someone gave me a book bouquet.” Or “Books are my soul mates.” I meant something. It was clear that anything to do with books would have been better.

  1. The Fake Brands:

Women love brands. We would love to have LOUIS VUITTON or Gucci or Versace or Vero Moda. We would love brands; however, we very well know which one out of them is Fake. A ‘Guggi’ instead of a Gucci or ‘Louis Getton’ instead of ‘LOUIS VUITTON’ doesn’t work fine.

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  1. Gifts for you:

Surprises are good, but not a shock! If you wake up your girl with a surprise gift of Tickets to the Football match, she’d be not so happy (if she’s a football fan then this is something you must get her). Someone like me who doesn’t understand the ‘F’ of Football wouldn’t appreciate you bringing me tickets to a football match, which is practically for you. Or you gifting me a camera lens about which I know nothing are not going to excite me, but a simple diary and a pen would.

  1. Fitness membership:

Even if your lady has been talking about joining the gym or buying the Yoga DVD, doesn’t mean you would gift her with a fitness membership. This just implies that you are trying to say that she has to shed some extra pounds which is not so favorable for a girl to know. WE, women love our skin and want to be with a guy who would love us the way we are. Yeah, we are all Bridget Jones’ within and we fancy a Mark Darcy.

  1. Clothes:

Now don’t get me wrong. You’ll say, “But you ladies love to shop for clothes and keep yelling everyday that you’ll have nothing to wear. I agree and I am sorry well in advance for making you feel that by that I meant you should get me some clothes. NO! We love clothes and it is never enough to have the same White T-shirt in your closet, however, we are very choosy and critical about clothes ourselves. When we go shopping even with our mom or girlfriends or alone, we try the same dress in 3 different sizes to know which one looks good, fits well and complements my body. At times, we disappoint ourselves by buying something that looked good at the store but with the lighting at home it looks dull.

You buying us clothes COULD mean that you have missed the dress size; maybe you bought a size bigger with the mindset that ‘my girl would be comfortable in it.’ In this case, I will think, you think I am getting bigger and you are trying to call me fat. If you bring in a size smaller, I would think, you want me to reduce to that size. If you get me something that is perfect, I would not like the color or the sleeves, or the neck line or something.

Rather just give me a gift voucher for a clothing store or take me on shopping and tell me, “Baby, buy everything.”

This was my ‘G’ Post for A to Z Challenge 2016. Please comment below and let me know what the gifts you hate are.

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9 thoughts on “Gifts You Should Never Give A Woman

  1. So with you on flowers – OH decided he would give me the number of roses that matched our anniversary early in our marriage – I am not romantic AT ALL and told him straight up I’d prefer a book any day. Or one for every year of marriage! He hasn’t forgotten. No clothes, he’s not MAD! (Not after he bought me that snood that time, anyway…)

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  2. Fantastic post, I agree with all of these, especially flowers. Flowers are nice for a “just because” moment. At other times, it’s like saying they forgot to get something and picked up flowers on the way home from work

    Liked by 1 person

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