Everything About My Love Life

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Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 5: E

Theme: Relationship

Summary: This post has some intimate details. It’s a personal blog post and completely suits my Theme. ((Wink, Wink))

I had three topics in mind while deciding for the Day 5 of A to Z Challenge, however, I decided to go for this one as it is easy, relatable and people tend to love to know about other’s life. In case, you are one of those, who wouldn’t want to know about me and My Love Life, please come back tomorrow or check out my other posts, as today is everything about My Love Life.

I have made this Questionnaire and I will be answering them one by one.

Q. How important are relationships to you?

A. Very important. This world runs through different relationships. They do matter.

Q. Do you think sex is appropriate before marriage? Have society’s views on this changed since you were younger? Have your views changed. 

A. It depends on individual, if they want to have sex before marriage or no. I belong to the Indian society where S-E-X was not discussed as commonly as it is discussed today. I feel a person has the rights to decide if they want to save themselves for after marriage or they want to experience sex before marriage. How does it really matter?

The society’s views have obviously changed since I was young. People have now started taking sex casually, at times too casually.

My views have indeed changed. As a kid, I was taught to believe that my virginity is locked and can be opened by only the Right Man.

Q. Did you have any serious relationships till now?

A. Yes, one serious relationship.

Q. What are the differences between romance and love?

A. Romance and Love: Romance is a gesture like, taking out for dinner, giving flowers etc. Love is a feeling. Love can’t be explained unless experienced.

Q. When was your first kiss?

A. October, 2012. I was around 21 when I had my first kiss.

Q. How old were you when you first knew about Love?

A. I was 15 and that was when I was introduced to Passion, Love and other relatable terms.

Q. Who was your first Love?

A. Bollywood first love was Ajay Devgn and ShahRukh Khan. Real life First Love was a guy I met at work and was in a relationship for 2 years.

Q. Who was your Last Love (till date)?

A. It was the guy I first dated. (See Question 7)

Q. Are you single?

A. Right now, Yes!

Q. What’s your opinion of Marriage?

A. I love to see people getting married. I personally, don’t believe in marriages. Personal choice.


Here’s everything about my life. I would want to know more about you guys. Comment below with your blog name’s so that I can visit your blogs too while we are sailing on the same boat of A to Z Challenge.

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2 thoughts on “Everything About My Love Life

  1. Great choice for E-word. I am not sure how much the attitudes have changed in India since I was young. Yes, superficially a small percentage claim to be liberal and point that out endlessly also 🙂 but the majority view is still much the same – judgemental , especially of women. Just my two cents.

    Best wishes,
    Ninja Minion A-Z 2016

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