Diet and Other Things

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Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 4: D

Theme: Relationship

Summary: The relationship with food is the best relationship ever. Here in this post, I’m going to give you guys an insight about my relationship with food and people’s concern about my dietary relationship.

We all need food to grow and some of us grow too much because of food. Is it that love for food is wrong for a person who exceeds his body mass? I have exceeded my body mass long ago and even now people hate my love for food.

My relationship with Food:

Most of my regular readers know my love for food. I am a passionate lover of anything related to food in any way. I appreciate good food and respect it. Also, I try to work out, but I can’t. I can’t get myself to fall in love with working out. As a result, I am fat.

My professional life:

I have worked in BPO’s always. I was once a Team Leader and I loved working too. I love blogging and take it as a serious work routine. My personality depends completely on where I am. For people who are very close to me, I am a talkative girl. For people who know me, I am the quiet, shy girl. For people, who have hardly met me twice, I am the strict, ignorant and full of attitude girl.

Now, if you go to analyze the above two topics covered, does my weight or love for food affect my personality? Naah!

Who in this whole wide world said that ‘Fat People can’t be attractive?’ I am attractive and I am FAT.

Talking about people’s concern about me, my eating habits and Diet, I find it funny to hear when people have a problem with my weight. There are some people who will suggest me to diet or reduce my weight as they care for me. But saying once is your concern; following it or not, is my decision.

I love all my relatives and family members and friends. But I don’t like when people give me suggestions that they know wouldn’t be appreciated.

Diet and Me:

Getting to the main topic now, for me diet and eating healthy hasn’t been a lifestyle, ever. I tried dieting once, took medicines too and reduced a lot. But eventually, my first love food came back to me and I bloated. Isn’t eternal love necessary than a small fling?

For me Dieting is just a fling; an affair that I disapprove of. It is my personal choice. I know people, who follow a certain eating lifestyle and I fell good for them, because they have taken their decision. Likewise, when someone like me takes her own decision, it should be appreciated by all.

This post was a Rant about Diet, but it is something that bothers me. And this is the only platform I know where I can talk my heart out.

Anyway, this was my 4th Post in the A to Z April Challenge. I hope the fellow bloggers are also going strong with this challenge. I love to hear from you guys, keep commenting.

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    1. I am really glad to hear from you…! And Yeah those few people at times are the reasons behind the negativity in the world…! I am glad you liked my post…! 😊☺❤


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