Communication Affair

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Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 3: C

Theme: Relationship

Summary: How communication plays a very important role in relationships! My personal experiences with communicating with your partner.

I love talking to my closed ones. I feel communication is the most effective way to keep a relationship ongoing. Relationships that have constant communication are usually successful. I consider a relationship that has gone for 2 years with Communication is much stronger than the relationship that went on for 4 years with hardly any communication, right?

I had two relationships –

One was a 4 year one sided relationship with a guy who loved me but had commitment issues.

Second was a guy with whom I spent a fruitful 2 years and we communicated too much and the two years felt like a lifetime.

Before meeting the second guy, I always wondered and asked all my guy friends – ‘What do you guys keep talking on the phone with your girlfriends?’ And when I met the second guy, I got the answer of my question. What we spoke was not completely the lovey-dovey things, but to some extent they were good discussion as compared to the 4 year old relationship.

I and the first one also had some fair share of communication but it always started with this – ‘When are you coming back to India?’ and ended with – ‘Fine. Let’s not talk!’

The second one was ‘comparatively’ good. He wasn’t an exceptional communicative guy but was better than the other.

So here I am giving details on some things that people usually wonder.

What do Couples communicate about?

There are too many answers to this small question. Let’s sort it out in different categories.

Money: When couples talk about money, it is usually about spending habits, budgeting tips and tricks, recurring deposits and long term saving plans also insurances and Tax Saving Tips.

Appalled? Well, yeah! A couple will certainly talk about this. I and the second one often spoke about our finances.

Quality Time/Activities: The busy lives that we are living in don’t give us the much required time with our partners. Not all couples engage in only intimate activities. That is usually in the initial phase of the relationship. After knowing each other’s body very well, couples tend to talk about the breakfast dates, going to a water park, going to a garden, buying a phone, shopping etc. they talk about everything they want to do together. Sometimes, this includes house hunt talking too.

Me Time: Everyone have their ‘Me Time’ and some couples discuss about it. This is the talk they have about the time they are not together or activities the partner has done in the absence of the partner. It is not necessary for the partner to know about it but some couples do discuss this stuff.

Friends: Some couples love to communicate about their friends. Friends play a very important role in love relationships. Especially, for girls, they seek total approval from their best friends. Couples who have the bonding really strong, loves each other’s friends and talk about them. In my case it was a little different though. My best friend and boyfriend didn’t go hand in hand that often.

Family: This is a major step. Couples talking about families are really close. They tend to discuss and share about family problems, family discussions and family gossip. A friend of mine and her partner were so close that they used to spend half the time at each other’s house and made sure they are at every family birthdays and functions. They were one of the cutest couple I have ever seen.

Sports and Entertainment: There are the types of couples who discuss specifically about their favourite sport person or the recent India vs. Pakistan cricket match. Also, discussion about the latest movies and the biggest gossip in the B-Town is a normal discussion.

The first guy I was with was so aloof that our discussions were usually like this:

Him: Hey Baby!

Me: Hey Baby!

Him: Work was hectic today.

Me: Hmmm… Ok.

Him: How are you?

Me: Good and you?

Him: Ok. Chalo, I will sleep now. Talk to you tomorrow.

Me: Good Night.

Him: Bye Baby.

The second guy I dated, I can’t even mention about the chat. Because, one – it used to be super long and second it was totally random.

Communication is totally important in love relationships. Without it, it’s a little difficult for couples to survive.

This was my third post in the A to Z April Challenge. Till now it has been a little hectic but entertaining.

Comment below and please give tips that can help me get out of the stress. 

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7 thoughts on “Communication Affair

  1. One of the reasons my second marriage ended was due to communication.. I like do deal with things face to face, no matter what they are and try to work them out. My ex likes to play nice to your face and then go behind your back and talk about you. Can’t fix things like that!

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