Chapter 16 | The Day He Came Back


Maya couldn’t concentrate much at the seminar and the morning make out session was still on her mind. Maya was sitting with Blake and Shubhro today. The two boys started getting around quite well. Shubhro noticed the glow in Maya’s face and made a comment on that at the start of the day. The seminar was too dull for Maya today. She wasn’t much into it. Akanksha, the speaker of the seminar informed all of them that they have some special guests coming in after lunch to share some business ideas in the field of publication.

At lunch, Maya checked her phone to find Shiv’s message that he will; be out for a meeting and will be back by 8 in the night. Maya smiled looking at the end of the message that said: I love you… Maya wasn’t into the relationship thing and all this was very new to her. She never had a committed relationship so far. Maya came out of the dream world and started concentrating in the moment. They had pasta for lunch and Shubhro noticed the ring on her finger. He asked, “What’s that?” She blushed. He said, “This isn’t Hollywood Movie and you can’t expect me to guess, so please say…?” She smiled and said, “He proposed and I said yes.” Blake and some others congratulated her. Shubhro was very happy for her and hugged her and asked her about the big day. She said, “Marriage is a far off story, right now we are just enjoying the moment and relishing every part of this relationship.”
It was time to introduce the duo-business partner. They were introduced as the King of Publication. Akanksha said, “We now welcome the outstanding partners, one who writes the other who got into publishing quite well. The owners of Little Bird Publication …” Maya had gone blank. She couldn’t hear the rest of the announcement. One moment she was so happy and the other moment she was devastated. Shubhro held Maya’s hand and was equally worried but for her.
It was Joydeep and Vishal Singh. They partnered up to have their publication house. Maya wanted to run away from there. She couldn’t afford to sit there and look at Vishal and not be disgusted. Joydeep started speaking by greeting all of them and saying a special ‘Hi’ to Shubhro and Maya, his ex-employees. Maya faintly smiled and was stopping the tears of anger from flowing.
Joydeep was speaking about the writing and editing. He mentioned about a lot of research and the building up the characters section. As always, Joydeep engrossed everyone by his speech. Maya was hardly listening to anything and wanted to leave the place as soon as possible. Joydeep then invited Vishal on the stage for the publishing part and the money-making part of the business. Maya couldn’t handle another sight of Vishal, but didn’t want to be rude to walk out. Maya was thinking of the time after she first had lost her Virginity.
After the night of complete bliss with Vishal, Maya got up in the morning and didn’t find him around. She looked around and saw everything was as she had left it. There was a text from him that said: ‘Had a great time with you last night. We cannot be in a committed relationship because I am already engaged.’ Maya was shattered. She had so many questions on her mind. Maya was sitting on the balcony, her legs folded and she was waiting for something she wasn’t sure. She wondered why he said he was commitment phobic though he was engaged. Why did he use her? Why did she give in so easily?
Maya’s thought process was interrupted by Vishal’s voice. She looked up at him and wanted to walk out of the seminar but she told herself, “It’s just one day and then he will be gone.” Vishal gave a long speech on business tactics, publishing, marketing and the other aspects of writing a book. He frequently looked at Maya and had a cunning smile. Maya murdered him 100 times in her head. After the speech by both of them, they took a tea-break , that’s when Joydeep walked up to Maya and Shubhro and hugged them. Vishal followed him and shook his head saying “Hello” to them. Maya and Shubhro walked towards the dining area, while Shubhro asked, “Are you fine?” Maya nodded her head. Blake joined Maya and Shubhro and were all praises for Vishal and Joydeep. Shubhro asked Maya, “Do you want to continue with the seminar or…?” Maya looked at him and said, “It’s just one day, I will handle the sight of him.” Shubhro nodded in a ‘No’ and said, “Darling, didn’t you hear a word Akanksha said before the Tea-Break?” Maya was puzzled. Shubhro continued, “Vishal is going to take over the seminar for 2 days and then the last day will be taken by Joy.” Maya played with the phone and told Shubhro, “You know what? You continue with the seminar. I might go back to Pune or might join Shiv to Delhi. I am not in the mood to spoil my happiest day for this jerk.” Just then Maya heard Vishal and Joydeep talking, just behind them about the seminar and the hotel. She looked at Shubhro who gave her an approval. Maya left from the seminar that exact moment spoke to Akanksha and said she has to get back to Pune. Without waiting for any approval, she went up to the lift and pressed the button.
Vishal followed her and said, “Can I talk to you for a moment?” She yelled, “NO!” He asked her once again, “I need to talk to you about that day. Please.” The lift arrived and she entered the lift and Vishal followed her. There was no one else in the lift, Vishal started talking “I fell in love with you when I saw you but I was scared of commitment. I was already engaged back then to Shilpa and I had no other option but to marry her because her father was the reason behind all the money I was going to get for my business. It was less of a love marriage and more of a business transaction.” Maya didn’t look at him but listened to him. He continued, “We spent the night together and I left in the morning to get us some breakfast, just when Shilpa called me asking me to come home to her as her mother passed away. I couldn’t say no to her. I had to go to her that very moment. And that’s when I realized, I can’t be with you if I had to establish my career. I loved you back then and even now. I still can’t forget the sweet smell of your hair. I can’t forget your lips and the way you kissed.” Maya thanked God when she heard the lift open onto her floor. She got off and Vishal followed her. She looked back at him and said, “I hope you have said everything you had to say! Now listen. I want you to stop following me all over the hotel. I am already engaged and I love him. I have no feelings for you. I regret that time spent with you.” Vishal had a cunning smile on his face and Maya was confused. She asked him to leave and turned around, just when she saw Shiv standing right behind her, eyes filled with tears. Maya left both the guys and walked towards her room. Maya wondered how come Shiv came in early. He wasn’t supposed to be there until eight. 
Maya was in no mood to explain anything to Shiv. Shiv always knew that she wasn’t a virgin, so it shouldn’t make any difference if he really loved her.
Maya cried for a while and slept on the couch.
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