Best Gifts for Yourself

Hello All,

Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 2: ‘B’

Theme: Relationship

Summary: We love a lot a people in our lives, but the one person we usually forget to love and be grateful for is ourselves. Here’s a post on ‘Best Gift for Yourself’. This year be grateful to yourself and do something amazing for your Chaotic Soul.

Around this time of the year (that’s April), I love myself more and more. This one month, I think about myself more than anyone else. That’s because it’s my birthday month. And I deserve the best birthday every year, no matter how broke I am.

Relationship with your self is a great deal and very difficult to fulfill. There can’t be break ups, there can be fights but at the end of the day you have to forgive yourself and move on, because this is the only person you have to LIVE with Forever!

This is my Day 2 of A to Z April Challenge and it is quite exciting, till date. As my theme is all about RELATIONSHIP, I thought of writing on this topic as I love myself the most and it is my birthday month. Yayyy! Here’s the 7 things I think makes an awesome gift yourself:

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  1. A Salon Time:

A great Salon time by pampering yourself with massages, facials, pedi and mani along with a fabulous hair cut is what I love to gift myself.

  1. A weekend getaway:

I haven’t gifted myself with this earlier, but maybe this year. In order to keep my sanity in place, I need to get away for a week just by myself in a high-end resort with exotic food and lots of sleeping time with maybe a movie marathon.

  1. A makeover of ‘My Space’:

I ain’t talking about the website here, but literally My Space. I have been planning to do this for a long time now. I have decided that this year before 2016 ends I will be starting to renovate my space in the house, where I will have a dedicated place for writing my blogs, doing my online works and maybe spend hours doing absolutely nothing. A space in my house will be dedicated to me.

  1. Weekend class:

Gifting yourself quick course in some class for your hobbies is an amazing way to be in touch with yourself and your passion. I am planning to give myself a weekend class for chocolate making. I love chocolates and I love cooking. Won’t it be a best gift for me?

  1. Ticket to a stage play or a concert:

I have wanted to go to see a stage act since years and always have been waiting for either company or money. Going a little away from home (in my case 1 hour travelling) to a theater where you don’t know anyone and get to watch a live show of some great act might be a very good experience. Good food and shopping follows with that! ((Wink, wink))

  1. An expensive gadget:

I am not into gadgets a lot but every now and then I would fantasize about a good camera or a small gadget for my laptop. Self-indulgence is good at times. Buying yourself a great gadget that you’ve always wanted is a great way to bring a smile on that face in the mirror.

  1. Start Saving:

Starting a new saving for maybe a trip or a new camera or maybe a new piece of furniture is a good way to save some money and gift yourself something in the future.

These were my Best Gifts For yourself that can be given to the person who will NEVER leave you. And trust me when I say never, it means NEVER.

Comment below and let me know the best gift you have given yourself. Also, if you are visiting me from A to Z April Challenge, I would love to see your Day 2 Blog Post, so please leave me a comment with your link.

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Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself!

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