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Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016– Day 1: A

Theme: Relationship

Summary: A short story of a girl and how a relationship with someone Anonymous changed her life…

Abigail was a blogger and worked in a cafe as a part time waitress. Also, she used to attend writing workshops at the cafe every Friday after her shift by a group of bloggers. She lived with her mother while her father had his own family.

Abigail was popular amongst her friends and loved to meet new people every day. Her mother was a teacher at a government school. Abigail always wanted to write a book. She was studying teaching at the government college which was 40 minutes away from her home. Abigail was tall and pretty. She had hair so long that it had to be tied in a braid every day.

It was a busy day at the cafe and her boss requested her to do a full shift that day. Abigail was on her lunch break and she was smiling looking at her laptop. Her best friend Nina asked her what was so funny that she was grinning like a fool. Abigail looked at her and turned her laptop and showed it to her. It was a string of comment conversation between her and her anonymous reader. Nina read them all and smiled too.

Comment Conversation:

Anonymous: Vivid imagination is two words how I see you as. You are so pleasant and chirpy always. This blog post is till date the best advice you’ve given on break ups.

Abigail: Thanks! J

Anonymous: You’re most welcome.

Abigail: J

Anonymous: I can see your smile through the laptop screen. That smile can certainly be my morning coffee.

Abigail: It is always glad to know that I can make you and the other readers happy.

Anonymous: I am not sure about the others, but I am certainly happy when I see your pos popping on my email.

Abigail: My pleasure.

Anonymous: The pleasure is for me when I read your post. You are truly blessed.

Abigail: 🙂

Anonymous: Waiting for new post soon!

Nina said, “Wow! That’s some reader you have. But a little creepy, don’t you think.” Abigail said, “Well, I can see a really happy reader and if he is a guy then an Anonymous online date.” Nina laughed.

It was almost eight in the evening and the female employees were leaving. Abigail was serving one last table, just when she saw her regular customer, the old man who reminded her of her grandfather, whom she never met. She told her boss that she would leave after serving her regular customer. He usually came in the morning and sat there for hours. He was a generous tipper and a humble man. Abigail greeted him with a smile and asked him for his order. He smile at her and said, “Regular”. She nodded and served him – Scrambled eggs with green, red and yellow pepper and broccoli stir fry with oyster sauce and 4 slices of bread and 2 cups of black coffee one after the other. Abigail informed the other server that he has to repeat the coffee once this is done for her favourite customer. She walked up to the customer and said, “Sir, I will be leaving for the day. Jay there will be serving you the next coffee.” He smiled and she left.

While she reached home her daily routine of cooking dinner along with her mother began and after dinner she sat down in her room on her bed and started to write her blog. Her days were just normal while she kept blogging and her Anonymous reader kept commenting.

One day, Nina saw Abigail who was worried and not smiling at all. Nina asked, “What happened? Your anonymous online date didn’t leave you comments?” Abigail nodded in a NO and said, “It’s not that. It’s mom. I think I have to take another job or talk to boss for the full time job here and the salary increase.” Nina showed her concerns and they both got back to work. Her favorite customer was there and Abigail went to serve him. She had a smile on her face but it didn’t reach her eyes. She said, “Good morning! So you were there at the cafe yesterday in the evening just for a day?” he replied, “Yes! I was at the lawyer’s office in the morning.” Abigail smiled and asked him if he would have the regular. He couldn’t see the spark in her eyes and he said, “You seem a little different today! So as the theme for today is different, how about you suggest me a different meal today?” Abigail instantly smiled with her eyes and suggested, “How about an omelette with eggs and boiled chicken along with red peppers and a kale salad with his regular coffee?” He agreed. Nina looked at her surprisingly and said, “Good that you’ve smiled.” Abigail served him and he was happy with her choice and told her to surprise him every day with a different order. That day he kept a generous tip of almost equal to the bill amount.

It had been a week since the regular customer hadn’t been to the cafe. Abigail asked the evening shift folks about the customer but they had no idea. Abigail wished she knew his name at least.  She asked her boss who was completely clueless as well. Abigail was excited to make him taste different food. That day when Abigail reached home there was a big parcel waiting for her. She thought it was for her teaching course. It wasn’t. It was from Mr. Justin D’Silva. Abigail knew her mother was a D’Silva before she married her dad. She opened the box, the box was filled with gift wrapped small boxes and 3 Envelopes. There were 17 boxes. They all had small pieces of jewelry. The letters were numbered. Abigail took the box in her room and read the letters according to the numbers.

It was from her grandfather, her mother’s dad, whom she never met. He told in the letter that he has given her 17 small pieces of jewelry for the 16 birthdays he has missed till date and the 17th birthday that he will be missing this year. He also asked her to feed the poor and the needy one item on a daily basis of her choice. That’s when Abigail realized the favorite customer from the cafe is her grandfather. She cried while she kept reading the letter till the end. In the meanwhile, her mother had come home and sat next to her and started crying when she realized he was dead. Abigail then opened the next letter. This letter was her appointment letter as an assistant to a writer. It also had a letter that said –


Abigail couldn’t stop crying when she realized her ‘Anonymous’ reader was none other than her grandfather. Abigail hugged her mom and cried. The last letter was a document. The document said that her grandfather passed away and has made her the only successor of his assets.

Not sure if all this money will make Abigail happy or the death of her grandfather an reader and favorite customer will make her sad?

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