Summer/Spring Wardrobe Cleaning

Cleaning out my wardrobe is something I try avoiding every now and then.  But this Spring I decided to clean up my entire wardrobe and follow the minimalism system. I have decided this year to keep clothes and essentials that I WILL DEFINITELY wear or use this season. The rest of them had to be donated and some of them kept closed and out of sight for some alteration or some other season.

This season, my closet will have only stuff that I actually need.

Here I am talking about what I am going to donate, alter and throw away.

  1. Jeans

Jeans that I love but don’t fit me anymore, stresses me out the most. These pair of jeans reminds me of yesteryears. This year, I am going to give away all my good pair of jeans that I know I won’t fit into any time soon. I am going to keep just 2 pair of jeans for the entire season.

  1. T-Shirts

I am 25 and going to be 26 soon. I have never been the printed T-Shirt kind of girl. But I have tonnes of them. This year I am going to donate the good ones and throw away all the fugly ones. I am going to opt in for cotton kurtis instead of tees. I am going to buy some double my size white tees for the everyday use at home.

  1. Leggings

These are something, I swear by on a daily basis. I am going to apply the same rule as applied for jeans. I am going to throw away all the leggings and buy new pair of leggings. I will opt in for more generalized colours that can be paired up with any Kurta.

  1. Kurta

I simply love wearing kurtas to work and meetings. I have too many Kurtas. Some of them are emotionally close to me but don’t fit around properly. Hence, I am going to leave the emotional attachment towards these and donate the ones that are worth donating and the rest will be thrown away.

  1. Lingerie

I have a pair of bras and underpants that I simply love. No matter what, I just can’t get rid of those. These are the ’comfortable pair’, you know what I mean? These underpants are the best friends during THOSE days of the month. They just hang around perfectly. However, I need to get rid of those, this season. But again, I need my comfort from within. Hence, I have this plan, to buy the exact pair of underpants and bras that fit perfectly and will replace them with the old ones.

Now are some cleaning tips for Men: (Even they need to clean up)

  1. Socks

I know that guys have these sentimental connections with their socks. Even if out of the two, one of them is lost or worn out, they’ll still keep it. So it’s time to throw all the worn out and single socks and replace them with socks that will be comfortable and new.

  1. Tees

Just like us girls, men also love their tees. However, they keep their tees for a longer period. They have more emotional attachment with their tees, because it’s either given by their mothers or significant other. While spring cleaning this year, let’s just keep all the sentimental things in one box and put it away for a while.

***Cleaning Tip: If you haven’t worn it for 6 months, you won’t wear it again. And if you have worn it a lot in the last 6 months, it’s probably time to let go of it.
  1. Underpants

Without talking much about it, it will be better if you’ll watch this video from

No one wants that, right? So it’s time to buy some new men’s underpants and throw out the uncomfortable ones. Special Shoutouts to for their  collection. Also, they have this real cool offer/discount thing: “Sign Up & Get 15% Off Your First Order”


Tips for making this tedious work a little simpler:

  1. Spend 10 minutes for setting up a playlist. Make a playlist with full of go-getting songs. You know you need a lot of stamina and will-power to clean up a closet.
  2. Prepare yourself to dump a grand chunk. Think of this cleaning as a cleansing therapy. And this is the detoxifying stage! ((Healthy Life Reference))
  3. Ask yourself: Do I need this? And answer it honestly.
  4. Follow the 6 Months or 1 Year Rule. If you haven’t worn it in that period, you might not wear it in the future too. So, get rid of it.
  5. A good investment in organisation will help you as adults. DIY’s are good and entertaining, but not necessarily they will stay as long as the storage boxes from D-Mart will.
  6. Get 3 huge boxes and fill them up –Donate, Toss and Keep aside.
  7. Tell yourself before cleaning out that once you have 3 boxes full to be taken out of your life or kept aside for a while, you are going to treat yourself with something better. Something that you like. I have told myself that I will be treating myself with some really good lingerie after I get done with my closet.


This is it for today. Please let me know if you’ll like it. Comment below to let me know. Also, I might clean up my closet and book shelf very soon and will be SnapChatting about it. You can add me on Snapchat. My code is chaoticsoulzzz.

Happy Spring/Summer! Happy Cleaning!

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