You guys know about my best friend ‘S’. She has been featured on my Blog quite some times. She has written this Open Letter to a few people and I would want to publish it on my Blog; because this Shit is GOOOD!!!

This is an open letter to all those people who always had a ‘?’ about our friendship. Here it goes –

Disclaimer: If anyone gets offended, please TOLERATE, as it is Intolerance is getting on my nerves these days.

 Dear Friends, Family and Secret Haters,

Today I would like to take this opportunity to address an issue, which is very close to my heart – ‘My Friendship with this Girl whom I consider as my Soul mate.’

I call her my Soul mate, not because it’s trendy or fashionable but because my heart knows it and believe in it. My heart believes in our friendship, it believes in the connection that we share. I proudly say that the only person I would want by my side all my life and in my death is my BFF Aashi.

It wasn’t a friendship which happened in a day and faded away with time. It has been build up on the foundation of trust and understanding that I don’t share with any other soul on this planet.  We have seen it all in these short 10 years of our friendship. And by all, I really mean ALL OF IT. Good, bad, worst and the best.

Now that we are going through a difficult phase in our friendship, I find it amusing that so many people are actually happy about it. I mean, what kind of sadistic person you have to be to laugh on a broken friendship. Well, all I want to say to such retards is: “Dream on, you dumb wits”.

At the same time, I really appreciate people who have shown real concerns and positivity for the entire situation. These are the people who give me hopes that the world is a better place. From the bottom of my heart, “I love you all”.

No relationship is all sunshine and roses forever. Let that be blood relations, romantic relations or friendship. Ours is going through a rough patch right now. Big Deal!!! I’m sure that it’s just a temporary phase due to difference of opinion and giving each other space (much required). Why can’t we fight? Why can’t we be angry on each other? Why can’t we have difference of opinion? Why can’t we want different things from life? Well, we can! As independent and opinionated individuals, we most definitely can. But that doesn’t mean an end to our friendship. Nope. Naah! Nadaaa…

I love her more than my life and I know she does too. And we don’t have to prove that to anyone for any reason, whatsoever. People may hate us for many things as individuals. Let that be our guts, our attitude or anything else but hating us as friends is sign of low wit and fear according to me. To all such people, I have only one request, please, “GET A LIFE!!!”

I have always been a person who likes to keep her thoughts to herself (quite opposite to what Aashi does). The reason being fear – I fear that I can come out as a very rude and cruel person, if I start talking my mind. Well, unfortunately, this is one of those situations. I maybe sounding very abrupt and mean with my words but I don’t regret any of it. I can’t tolerate the fact that, some people are rejoicing at the thought of our friendship being broken.

With all that being said, I would like to thank the Universe to give me such a wonderful and special person as a BFF-cum-Soul mate. Our personal opinions and thoughts maybe poles apart, but that doesn’t distance our hearts. Every individual has the right to think for themselves and that doesn’t make them selfish. That’s called ‘self love’.  And we both advocate ‘Self Love’ with the same vigour as we protect our friendship with it.

On that note, I would like to end my lengthy, aggressive and hearty letter… LOL!

Love Thyself! Love Thy BFF!

ShraMita is going to be back with a bang soon. Beware! ((Wink)) ((Wink))


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3 thoughts on “HATERS BACK OFF: An Open Letter

  1. I can’t see what business it is of anyone’s who you choose to be BFF’s with – I had a sort of soulmate friendship once and it was nice while it lasted. People thought she was bad for me and I guess in some ways she was, but these things are entirely our choice, yes? Anyway don’t listen to anyone, follow your heart.

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