Bucket List 2016 | 5 Things To Do Before This Year Ends!

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I think it is about time for me to publish, rather make a new Bucket List for 2016. I have been doing Bucket List for a few years now and I think I have published two of them already! However, my life is going through a lot of changes and I think it’s now time for a New Bucket List, right? This is going to be super small and specific. Let’s make one together, shall we?

Bucket List 2016


  1. Get my own ‘chaoticsoulzzz’ domain for at least 3 years and learn a little more about hosting. (Guys, who are technically sound in this category, please email me or comment below with the best web hosting for a blog…)
  1. Make YouTube Videos, at least once a week. (I know it is too much, because I will have to think of 3 ideas a week – 2 for blog and 1 for YouTube) But yes, I want to pursue this.
  1. Take my mom on a vacation to Pondicherry aka Puducherry.
  1. Buy my DSLR – ASAP!!!
  1. The last one is a little weird, given the fact that I have hair problems. But this year, I want to go crazy with my hair. I want to do something really strange and weird with my hair. It could result in anything, but whatever it is, I am sure I am going to love myself!

This was my super short and way too specific – Bucket List. Also, there’s a set of posts coming up with regards to the Life Changes that I’m going through. These will be a little too personal, but y’all know I had started ChaoticSoulzzz as an Online Journal!!! ((Wink))

Guys, I would love to know YOUR Bucket List too. Comment below or tag me in the post you guys write on it. I am open to more ideas… ((Wink))

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Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself!

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6 thoughts on “Bucket List 2016 | 5 Things To Do Before This Year Ends!

  1. Love it! Go you! I tried having my own domain and self-hosted blog but failed miserably. Wishing you a much better journey with that! I think I’d like to do something crazy with my hair too – just once, just for fun.

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    1. Oh is this hosting thing so difficult? Well Yeah about the hair, doing something crazy at least once is something that we deserve. Also, for a blogger like us, we will have another topic to blog about… 😀


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