What Girls Say Vs. What They Mean???

We, girls really are strange creatures. Now don’t get me wrong and don’t say I’m ungrateful to be a girl or whatever! It is just that I know how we are. We say something and we mean something else.

Why do we do this?

We don’t do this. It happens. 🙂

Let’s look at What Girls Say Vs. What They Mean???

Girls Say: “It’s Fine”

Girls Mean: “It is advisable for you to either run away from here because I am nothing but fine. Or you and I need to have a super duper long conversation that will be nothing less than an argument on how wrong you are and every pain you’ve given me, so far.”

Girls Say: “Never mind.”

Girls Mean: “You’re a dumb head and hardly can ever understand me.”

Girls Say: “It doesn’t matter to me.”

Girls Mean: “It totally matters to me. I am going to pretend it doesn’t and maybe a year later will bring this up and make you realise how much it matters.”

Girls Say: “Okay then”

Girls Mean: “Eff Yourself!!!”

Girls Say: “Wait. WHAT???”

Girls Mean: “You’re in danger… If you can you should go back and change the sentence you just said, because if not, then this is certainly going in the ‘Future Fight Deposit’.

Girls Say: “Whatever!”

Girls Mean: “You are a moron.”

Girls Say: (Over the phone) “Ummm ohkay!! Let me call you back!”

Girls Mean: (Disconnects your phone and calls her BFF) “Girl, This man is a Douche bag…! And I mean it!!!”

Girls Say: “I am tired. Good night.”

Girls Mean: “You’ve pissed me off enough and now I am in no mood to talk to you or fantasize about you. Let me just lie down and look at Instagram of really HOT guys.”

Girls Say: “Baby, it’s an all girls night out.”

Girls Mean: “Damn. It’s a night with my girls, where we are going to talk crap about you and the entire men species.”

Girls Say: “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

Girls Mean: “You know what!? I’m right, you’re obviously wrong. So why should we talk about it and waste our time”

Girls Say: “I don’t have any problems with your friends”

Girls Mean: “Your friends are disgusting and intolerable.”

Girls Say: “I love your friends”

Girls Mean: “One of your friend is pretty Hot and caring. And I feel you should be like them”

Girls Say: “Do what you want!”

Girls Mean: “You should be doing what I want and if you don’t; it means that you don’t love me anymore.”

Girls Say: “I am tired.”

Girls Mean: “I haven’t shaved. Don’t touch me!”

Girls Say: “I’m on my period.”

Girls Mean: “I don’t want you to come over today.”

Girls Say: “Babe, do you really love me? Come and cuddle me.”

Girls Mean: “I’m on my period. And my hormones are all over. Bring some chocolates and JUST cuddle.”

Girls Say: “FINE.” (Don’t mix up with #1)

Girls Mean: “Goodbye. Eff Off! Go to hell!”

Girls Say: “NO.”

Girls Mean: “NOO!!”

The last one is a pretty serious one. When we say No, we mean it! Don’t go all Bollywood on us saying, “Ladki ke Naa me uski Haan hai…” (Translation: “A girl means yes, even though she says No!”)

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Now, don’t get me wrong guys; your girlfriends might say this is wrong and they mean exactly what they say. Well, those girls are in denial. We rarely say what we mean.

I hope this is going to help all the guys and they start behaving sensibly after reading this…!

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself!

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