3 Things To Avoid When BFF Is Annoyed

We all have been in one of those moments where we have had a rift with our friends or best friends. I am sure it happens to everyone and most of us have been through it. I am not one of those people who talk after a fight. Most of the times, when I fight I don’t know why I fought with the person. I am a short tempered person and I feel offended very soon. Also, I don’t like things that go as per the plan (read it as ‘As per MY plan’). A lot of people might think I am selfish and also, I have some attitude problems. Well, I regret to inform all of you that YES, I do have an attitude and I do have a problem with things when they don’t go according to MY plan.

Am I really rude when I fight with someone? I go silent, when I am upset with someone. I can go with NO TALKING for months and years. I also tend to change my phone number, if I need to really avoid someone. It is not that the other person is at fault, it is just that I am seeking for some PEACE.

So here’s 3 Important Things NOT To Do When Your Friend/Best Friend Is Angry/Upset/Not in the Set of mind (Too long, huh?) Okay!!!

Here’s a smaller version of the topic: “What NOT to do when your BFF is already annoyed!!!

Or maybe. – “3 Things To Avoid When BFF Is Annoyed

  1. Give it Time:

Girrrrl, I know you love your best friend. She loves you too. All she needs is some time ‘OFF’. And time off doesn’t mean you or she text or talk. Nope. It means a Time Off. Give her time to miss you. Give her time to assemble her broken heart, mind or whatever she is upset for (your friend is supposedly a brat like me, if she has no reasons to be angry).

  1. Don’t Attempt:

Now, I don’t mean to be rude, but as the Point 1 said, give her time, it means you need to stop doing the sweet attempts that you are best at doing. She would appreciate your attempts when she is back on track, but maybe when she is annoyed, all she needs is herself.

  1. No Social Network:

We all love Facebook and Twitter. You and your friend must be crazy about the Social Network Platforms, however; when there’s a fight or a disagreement and she is taking a break of it, let her.

Darlings, I know how it feels when your best friend is annoyed. Also, I am very well aware of the fact how it feels when you are annoyed. I know we all do our bit for the friendship to retain. However, the friendship will remain, no matter what. Let your best friend start missing you. Let her realize her fault. Give her time and strengthen the friendship you’ll have shared.

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