29-02-2016 | One Day Extra!!!

Today is one extra day of the year. So I decided to write one extra post for today. This post is for the Ashmita (Chaotic Soul/Mita) in the future. This is for the Ashmita in 2020. Four years from now there will again be the extra day of 29th Feb and this letter will make me smile then.

You guys should also write such a letter to yourself for 4 years from now.


Hey Mita,

I am sure you are 4 years older now. You are almost nearing or 29 or 30, is that right??? Woahhh! Well, I am Mita who is still in her 25 and is writing this to you. I am glad that you made it till 2020. You know what you promised yourself for this year, right? You know about the thing you promised your ex-boyfriend (confused soul) about 2020!!! A little hint is here: something about Maya!!??!! Ahh now you know!!

I hope you have started writing about it. If not, it’s not too late; you still have so many months to complete it. Also, are you prettier than me from 2016? Have you changed even a little?

Are you dating someone now??? Tell me! I am so excited to know so much about you. How do you look? Are working somewhere awesome, or have you opened your own business? You know in 2016 at this time, you are in your self-love mode. You have cut down contact from the whole world (almost) and you are enjoying this time with yourself. You also have written this after having the superb meal that your mom has fed you, literally.

At this time in 2016, you were single and had a fight with your friend of 10 years, have things changed? How is it now? Who are the people in your life now? Have you started making more friends or are you still as boring as you always were, just sticking around with your closed ones???

Are you living in your own house now? Have you moved out? Are you still living with Ma? Please write back to me when you get this in 2020 and also write to your future self.

One thing I wanted you to know is that – I love you no matter what! There are many people who may have hurt you and at times the only people who have hurt you is – you yourself. But still, I love you. And you are the best friend ever to yourself!!!

Happy one Extra Day!!!


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