I Vlog!!!

I Vlog!!! 🙂 

Yes guys, as the title says, I have been trapped by the Vlogging Routine, and I have started vlogging. It is nothing that I would want to show you guys (it is still very raw)), but I couldn’t keep it away either. I have started vlogging from yesterday and today will be the second day. ((Shy))

Right now, I am just vlogging with myself in a closed room as I am an introvert and shy kind of person and I am really not okay with people’s opinion on my vlog as it is so-not-good as yet. Anyway, I have always made it a point to tell you guys what I’m up to, so this is what I am up to at the moment.

I am not a pro like the biggest YouTubers in today’s generation. I am making this vlog, because I needed to do something different from my daily routine. Once I am a little comfortable with the camera and the YouTube thing, I might start vlogging outside (talking to my phone or camera on the road).

I haven’t posted a Friday Post today, but I thought this announcement will be the Friday Post. I am planning to do a cleaning process and I might Vlog it and Blog it too.

If at all anyone wants to see my ‘LITERALLY’ useless Vlog it is here – Chaotic Soul’s Vlog

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Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself!

Happy Friday!!!

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4 thoughts on “I Vlog!!!

  1. Dude! I’m addicted to videos! I like people watching me and seeing what I am about. I’m vlogging through Facebook live! Have fun with it! I know I am 😀

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