5 Things That Turns Off Women

I am sure a lot of boys read my posts. So, this is me doing the boys some solid ((Wink)). We (women) love you guys, but there are a few things that are turn offs.

Here are the 5 things that men do that totally turn women off.

Interested to know…?

5 Things That Turns Off Women

  1. Shoes:

Guys think, “Girls, don’t look at shoes!!!” Dear boys, we do. We judge you by your shoes. Why do you think a girl doesn’t like you after the first date, it is your shoes. It is either inappropriate with the attire or isn’t polished. We notice shoes, guys.

  1. Talking rubbish about your ex or being too close:

We all have our share of pasts and we are cool with yours too. If you think, talking about your ex in a scrappy way makes you look distant from her and we’ll be happy – Wrong! The moment you talk trashy about your ex, we will be turned off. We don’t like a guy who cribs about the past, not in any form. We are not attracted to you being super close to your ex too. You guys cannot be friends after spending countless nights together.

  1. Insecurity:

It is not sexy guys. It is not sexy for anyone. No one likes an insecure woman, and we women also are not attracted to an insecure man. We don’t like the constant questions like: “Do you find me attractive? Why were you looking at the guy at the movies? Do you think I am good-looking? Do you still love me?” NO!!! We don’t need this.


  1. Being a bad listener:

Uh-oh! We hate this. Hate is a strong word, but yes, we hate it. We love a man who listens to us. Don’t misunderstand this with the acting of listening to impress a girl. We hate that. Interrupting us while we are speaking, checking your phone, checking out other people – all these are major turn-offs. This show, you guys are not listening to us.

  1. Being too clingy:

We need our girl time. We go out with our friends.  We also hang out with the guys at work and if we said ‘I love you’ to you, we do love you. You don’t have to be super clingy and be with us at every outing. No! We need ‘space’ too.

These were some unknown things that turn off women. So guys, all set to avoid these???

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6 thoughts on “5 Things That Turns Off Women

  1. I don’t like most of those things much…but insecurity and bad footwear (or no footwear) are a bit of a turn on. I don’t notice shoes myself, but I like that my man mostly doesn’t wear any. He has great toes. And insecurity makes me more like me, and that makes me feel good!

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