5 Things That Annoys Your Best Friend – Part 2



Remember this post from 2012??? Remember how my best friend ‘S’ asked me to write 10 things that annoys your BFF and I could only come up with five things, well, here’s the remaining five from the list after 4 long Years!!! Isn’t that amazing?


They say things change in the span of time and yes I believe in changes from time to time. I like some changes, but some are just too difficult to handle.

Anyway, going on with the topic, here’s 5 Things That Annoys Your Best Friend – Part 2:

  1. Putting Self-Respect on stake:

No best friend would like her best friend to put her own self-respect on stake for any man or any damn reason. When you see your best friend tossing off her self-respect, it is annoying for you, but she isn’t going to listen to you or your suggestion – because, she is an adult and has a mind of her own.

  1. Going to a place, the other one hates:

There are a lot of places that has memories; some are bad while some are good. When your best friend goes or wants to go to a place that you hate or remind you of all the things that you detest. This annoys you because, you know the place you hate is loved a lot by your best friend and though you want to stop her, but you won’t; because you will think of her happiness, only. I know eventually you’ll be sad, but who cares – your best friend is happy.

  1. Talking of death, every now and then:

Now this one applies majorly for the best friends who are going through depression together. This is the time when depression hits both the best friends and it is quite hurtful when either of them talks of death. A best friend will never be alive without her soul mate, and eventually she will also die! This one is annoying because, at some point the best friends are trying to be positive and following the law of attraction and the next moment they are discussing death.

  1. Being Lazy:

My best friend certainly finds this factor of mine too annoying. I am very lazy and that is something most of the people in my life are annoyed of. I am the sort of person who would be lazy even before dying.

  1. Guys:

Yeah! In the Part-1, it was about exes, this time I am going to cover all kind of guys. It is very irritating to talk about guys, especially when you are going through a break up.  There comes an age in a girl’s life when all she wants is peace; and talking about boys or men is going to be the noise she didn’t wish for.

Well, these are the additional 5 things that annoy a best friend. So girls, stop doing these things and stop annoying your best friends. She loves you and will always support you, but are you going to support her or no?

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