Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

I love you, already.

I am an Aries and you better do your homework on how an Aries woman is. If you don’t want to read them, I am not sure how are we going to spend our lives together. I am really unsure of you. So you better go and search on Google: Aries Woman. ((Smiles))

A little about me – I love food of all sorts. I love to write everything, there’s a chance that I will also write about our first night in the form of Maya’s Story. I love my mom and bhai and you are not my soul mate. Never be disheartened that my soul mate is my best friend S. You are my bae, but she is my support system. Going further, I hate cats and except for a dog, there’s no other pet that I will allow in our house. I don’t like dogs too, and will be happier if you don’t like pets either. I Blog, Tweet, Instagram and Facebook about everything that goes around in my life. I will keep taking selfies, twofies and groupfies. I love pouting in all my Instagram posts. I hope you will be cool with it. I am considered to be a hard-one but a loyal one too. If I have given a ring to you, trust me you might be very special for me. I will say sorry every time it is my fault. I will expect a sorry every time you screw up. I will say Thank you for everything, and I will mean it. I will cry for no good reason to win in an argument; however that doesn’t mean the tears will be fake. I can cry all the time.

On any occasion, I would love to get chocolates, novels and diaries as gifts. I have already decided the names of our children. Out of me and S, whoever has the first daughter is going to name the baby girl ‘ShraMita’. If S is using that name before me, I might name our daughter as ‘Narayani, Rudrayani, Katyayani or anything related to Durga’. If we have a son he will be named as ‘Rudra or anything to do with Shiva’. I am not going to give up my job, business and passion after marriage. I would also visit my mom every week assuming we are in the same city, if not I would ask my mom to come over to my place for at least 20 days in 3 months. I will chose my BFF ‘S’ over you most of the times.

Now on more serious issues – I am a feminist. I love grammar and I hate people who don’t like grammar or can’t follow it. I will leave you the day you mess up the ‘articles – A, An and The’ I have gone through a lot in my past. I don’t trust men easily, so if I am trusting you, please don’t break my trust. I am not going to be thin or slim, if you want me to. I will be fat and sexy always. I will never wear lenses. I prefer getting married in the court and not in the lavish Indian Set up. There will be days in a month when we both are not in the right set of mind, I would appreciate if you give me my space. I will inform you about my whereabouts, if you inform me yours. I am not sure what religion or caste you follow, but I will always be following only my religion and my spiritual beliefs. I am a hardcore non-vegetarian, so if you are a vegetarian or semi-non-vegetarian, I would like to inform you that, I won’t cook anything at our place, but I will eat non-vegetarian and will never quit it, no matter what.

Aries Traits that I have in me:

  • Darling, I love to fight and have fought too many wars in my life, that doesn’t mean you will always put me in a war situation.
  • You might be intimidated by my eyes.
  • I don’t need a piece of jewelry on anniversaries, a poem or a love letter would do wonders.
  • I can say bad things about my loved ones to you, but you should respect me and never utter a foul word or thought about my loved ones. This includes you baby. I will always be a big-mouth in your support.
  • I hate things that are slow.
  • Give me a hug, when I have had a bad day.
  • I love to win.
  • I hate being lied to.
  • Baby, I don’t like being controlled. Please don’t tell me what should I wear or eat.
  • I love my life to be an adventure, however the abstract form of adventure. I would be very upset for adventurous trips to some mountain or jungle.
  • I would appreciate to be in your priority list, if not, then why are we even together?
  • I love reading Erotica. So you know how lucky you will be. ((wink))
  • I tend to often fall in and out of love. However, this only exists if you let me fall out of love. I am sure, if I have chosen you, you will never let me fall out of love.
  • I won’t be attracted by your looks; you need to have inner beauty. I love that shi*.
  • I am an opinionated woman who believes in her own rights and will have a say in everything that revolves around her life.
  • I will be jealous of every woman who is not your blood-relation and is close to you. I will be glad if you are jealous of my exes and male friends too, but I won’t stop talking to them because, when I say ‘I love you’ to you baby, I mean every single word of it. I will only be yours until you cheat on me. The day you cheat on me, you will be dead with my silence and your new partner will be dead with my words.

You can read the rest on Google.

So baby, all these things were about me and what I want. As far as you are concerned, I will never let you feel low. There won’t be a dull moment; even the fights will be interesting and nail biting. You are free to have your own space, but again – loyalty is what I need. I will give my 100% in our relationship, but I expect nothing less than a 99% from you. I need us to be understanding of each other’s needs. I will never let you down in front of anyone and I expect the same. We will be partners in everything. Wedding date, wedding dresses, venue for reception, guest list, honeymoon destination, annual vacations, savings, children, raising children, cooking, washing etc. everything needs to be done by both of us.

If I am marrying you, you are the one for me. Please don’t force me to hate you. I have had my share of past and you might have had yours. Let’s not allow the past come in our present and future.

Well, so this is it. I would also request you to not meet me very soon. Take your time. Make your career, let me make mine. I have got to achieve a few things and explore the world, by myself, so please enter my life a little later. I love you from now…! J

Baby make sure, you take a printout of it and keep it with you so that you know what you are going to deal with for the rest of your life. Also, listen to this song by Meghan Trainor.




Your Future Wife ((Kisses))


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