Expectation Vs Reality: Singles on Valentine’s Day

We all have spent Valentine’s Day with or without a real Date. It is pretty much just another day but for some of us, it is a great day of love. I respect all the opinions on this. I love being loved and I did enjoy my share of Valentine’s Day with a Date (which is 2 years in a row, that’s it), and this year I am going to be single.

You know what, I have a little bit of problems with Valentine’s Day; because, that was the day I lost the most important man of my life, but yes I believe in love of all sorts. I have no problem with love; it is just men whom I am a little upset with. This includes all kind of men – inclusive of my family and friends and very special friends too. I am just keeping myself away from all sorts of men for a few years until I find the one who would be the Mr. Imperfectly Perfect. I may come up with a post with all the qualities I expect my Mr. Imperfectly Perfect man to have. (Comment below, if you think I should write something about this)

I have been Single for 23 years before I met the ‘Ex’ Confused Soul and this year again I am privileged to be Single.

Hence, I am taking the opportunity to discuss the Expectations VS Reality: Singles on Valentine’s Day. I feel, we all love reading these kind of write-ups.

Disclaimer: This post is not written to offend anyone. If I am offending anyone, I would like to apologize in advance. However, you can close the post at this moment, without reading further.


Expectation: ((Like a Bawse)) I don’t care about this day! It’s a casual day…

Reality: Can all these people stop celebrating all the ‘flower day’, ‘chocolate day’ a week before Valentines’ and make me miss all the chocolates I could have got!!! Please!


Expectation: Partying all night with all your single best friend(s) and having a blast.

Reality: Sitting in front of your laptop and watching all Rom-Coms available on your computer.


Expectation: I’m going to write good and meaningful content for my blog and schedule it for the next one month. Super productive day!

Reality: Watching ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie and similar videos… (You know what I mean). Still a day well spent! ((Blogger’s note: I laughed so much while writing this and also while doing the proof-reading that I peed in my pants! I don’t know why, but found this pointer very funny for some strange reason!!!))


Expectation: I am going to pamper myself today and be all clean and smell like a bottle of moisturizer.

Reality: Wearing a Pyajama and hair unwashed for two days straight. Because I love myself the way I am.


Expectation: Preparing an exotic meal at home by me and for myself.

Reality: Ordering pizza and Chinese takeaway. (Wild Love)


Well guys, these were just 5 Expectations vs. Reality, I am sure there are many more in this category out there. Let me know by commenting below – your version of ‘Expectation VS Reality: Singles on Valentine’s Day’. Also, please suggest topics that you would expect me to write.

P.S. I am sorry; I couldn’t post this blog post earlier today. I was out all day and was really busy and tired and was supposed to seep by 11 PM IST. However, I am proud of myself that I stretched yet again and wrote and didn’t miss a day till now this year. I have skipped Friday and this post will come out on Saturday in India, but it is still before sunrise!!! Please forgive me people!!!


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