I am getting married!

This post is not going to be a well drafted blog post and that’s why it is not as per the schedule. This is a very personal post and I want to share it with all of you, first.

I have given it a lot of thought and finally decided to get married to someone who can understand me. I have been thinking over it for almost a week, and was totally confused. I was confused because I had to make a career as well as be happy. I decided that no more relationships will help me being what I really want to do and so I took the decision after days of thinking over it.

Some people are already a little heartbroken after this announcement. Some are very angry because I hid the news from them. Some are really not happy with this decision. However, I know I will happy after I get married, in fact a lot happier. I know this doesn’t even sound like me. I have been against marriages always but here I am today, madly, deeply and crazily in love and want to spend my life only with this person.

I have known this person for quite some time. We have had our share of disagreements. I have had trust issues and so did this person. But we have gone past all those misunderstandings. We have something that no one can see. It is a very special thing, emotion – whatever you call it.

Anyway, my best friend has been waiting since 2 days now to know who it is. And here I am announcing the person I am marrying.

Well I read this somewhere, post which I decided to take this decision; they say it is good to marry YOURSELF!

Yes! I am marrying myself! I know it sounds crazy, but that is what it is. I have loved a lot of people, but in all this I forgot to love myself. I forgot to be loyal to myself! Also, I had started feeling of myself as unworthy of happiness. So here I am all buckled up and ready to marry myself!

Is it gross? What I am doing, is it completely unethical? Well, I am sure I will be a cool partner to myself and I will now support my spouse (that’s me) completely.

I am happy with myself now. So congratulations to me on my wedding with myself! ((Wink, wink)) Technically, this is what I call as ‘Love Thyself’, just as my BFF always says.

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