Running Away: It’s all about finding yourself!!!


Have you ever felt the urge of running away from somewhere or someone? Have you ever felt the urge of running away from yourself? Is it something about you that you want to change? Do you want to run away from the regular life?

We all have such thoughts at some point in our lives… Here’s a short but happy story of such a girl…

It seemed the only option for her, not because she was alone, sad or depressed. She hasn’t smiled in a long time, ever since she saw the darkness of her life. The darkness we all have. The darkness wherein you are afraid of your life. It was her wedding day and there she was wrapped in a blanket looking at the wall. She wondered why people got married. She thought, why did she even meet him?  She wondered a lot of things while looking at the wall. She flipped around and looked at her phone. She hurriedly got up and took out a bag from the top of her closet, packed up all her stuff (clothes, laptop, tampons etc), took a shower, wore a fresh pair of jeans and T-shirt and left the house. Eloped! Ran Away from her own wedding.

She took a bus to a place that she had never been before. Whom was she running from? Herself!?! She used to live in a society where people knew her as a finance graduate who worked in a bank and was about to get married to the man she fell in love with and one night before the wedding she found her fiancé and a girl in the most disgusting state. She could have called off the wedding by telling the truth, but she didn’t; she ran away. She changed the city. She reached a place, she had never been before. She had all her money in one bank account and she knew she would’ve exhausted them in a month. She couldn’t go back and see the man who cheated on her. She couldn’t see the tears in the eyes of her family. She couldn’t see herself, out there acting as if nothing happened and no one judging her. She knew, she could’ve just told the entire world that he cheated, but that would have made people question her choice of love. She could have told her and his parents that he slept with a co-worker just a night before the wedding, but that would’ve hurt them a lot. So she decided to keep her mouth shut and just leave. She wrote a note that said, “I chickened out! Sorry!”

She reached the new place and found a job as a waitress on the first day. She also managed to get herself an accommodation just above the café where she worked. This job was paying her not even close to what she used to spend on her cosmetics, back at home. But she was trying to forget who she was. She couldn’t feel any emotion. She was running away from every place in the world that reminded her of what she has ever been into. She wasn’t sure if she could ever erase the memory of her existence, but she wanted to that to be happy again. She wanted to start anew for her own happiness. She wanted to run away from herself. Was it the solution? Will the entire episode of running away, ever get her any happiness?

It was just another day at the café, she could however; hear all the sounds in the café that day. She could hear the school kids talking and laughing, she could hear the sound of the cash machine, keyboard of the computer, the music playing in the background, the vehicles outside, the birds chirping – everything! She could even hear herself. She could feel herself that day.

She looked at herself through the glass of the café and found she had a faded smile too. She then noticed a peculiar stare from a person sitting on a far off table. It was a face she was familiar with, it was a customer who had been there every day since the time she started working. She walked up to him and asked for his order. He looked at her and ordered for a coffee. She looked at him and smiled and he asked, “I have been here for the last 45 days and today is the first time I saw you smiling. It seems like you have found yourself!” She nodded in a yes and replied, “Yes! I found myself, after all.” She took a break for the rest of the day and sat in the space given to her above the café. She repeated, “I can now start living again. Is this my life, though?” She looked at the laptop; she hadn’t used for days and said, “This is what I am going to do. Run from place to place and Write my experience.”

She took out her laptop and wrote the first two words – Running Away. And that is how she started her life again, she started living again, she found herself after losing herself completely, she worked at the café till the time her articles didn’t start publishing. She then ran away to another city to get more stories. She now believed her happiness is not in the conventional way of living, she wanted more from life. She forgave her ex in one of her articles. She wrote about the world through her eyes and was happy not settling down in one city. She moved from city to city, building up memories and writing her own book.

Well, this was out of my imagination and something that I would want to happen.

Confession time – Yes there are times when I feel like running away! Come on! Don’t judge me! We all feel that way sometimes, I am sure. Comment below and let me know your Running Away experience (Fictional or real).

Also, recently I have got some new subscribers/followers on my blog and I really thank all of you for showing so much love. Keep showering love on me – I need your love the most!!! 😀

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