In Conversation with Shrabani Kolay

In the series ‘In Conversation With…’ my first guest is someone whom I have known for 10 years and a few months.

I have known this female for 10 years and a few months. One of the very first readers of my blog and the ultimate best friend one can ever have. I am introducing you to my best friend of 10 years and a few months – Shrabani Kolay. You guys have read about her in my posts wherein I have mentioned her as ‘S’.


Let me tell you guys a little about Shrabani. I met her 10 years ago in College and it took me 1 year to call her as my friend or best friend. People who know me know that I am a very choosy person when it comes to people around me. I am usually a loner (still am), but this girl has bought the best out of me. Shrabani is the best dancer I have ever known. She is a complete opposite of me in all the aspects. She is not as healthy as me (read healthy as Fat). She can dance and she does that really amazingly. She feels eating food is a task (Bruh!!) Well here is the prettiest and boldest and my Soul Mate Shrabani Kolay, featuring for an Interview with Chaotic Soul.

Hello Shrabani, tell my readers a little bit about yourself?

Hey Ashmita, most of your regular readers would know me as ‘S’. Miss. ‘S’ simply loves reading Chaotic Soul’s Blog and give suggestions and criticism as and when required ((Wink)). I also love to dance and cook, they are my stress busters. I am a dusky bong beauty. I’ve lived in Mumbai all my life. I am a foodie but of a different kind. I like to eat good food but eating is a task for me. And given a choice between eating and sleeping, I would choose my beloved bed at any given time. I know only extremes, there’s no mid-way for me in anything in life.

Can you tell us how do feel about Chaotic Soul?

As I’ve already said that I simply LOVE reading your Blog Posts. Moreover, I really appreciate the fact that Chaotic Soul is always so upfront and bold with her thoughts and views. It is ‘this’ unfiltered version of your Blog that makes it so readable and believable to its readers. That’s how Chaotic Soul connects with me as a reader and a follower.

That’s really sweet of you Shrabani. By the way, have you ever thought of getting into blogging?  If yes, what topics would you’ve covered in your Blog?

Not really… I am happy being a reader. But if ever I want to blog about something it would be mostly on social issues. I know… I know… cliché. But that’s what would inspire me to raise my voice on a social platform.

Wow! Social Issue and all! Not bad at all. I would love to read it though. So you being such a bold girl in real life, tell us the problems a girl faces and how to overcome those?

Oh my… not again. We, as girls with a mind of our own, face more difficulties in this World. The typical problems that ‘Our’ kind faces include being misunderstood, looked down upon and being termed as “Bad Girls”. But who cares… The easiest way to continue being the awesome self that we are is by not giving a shit to anything or anyone. That’s what I and my BFF follow. And it’s effective AF.

True that! So after all the bold talk and friendly conversation let’s get to the topic that Chaotic Soul loves to write or read about – Love. Can you write a few creative words with regards to Love?

I can’t be more creative or effective than the Chaotic Soul… LOL! And being an amateur writer I would request the readers to be as critical as you’ll can. Strange request, isn’t it? But that’s how I would like it. So here it goes…

Being Loved

How beautiful it is to be loved by anyone who means something to you… Being loved is one of the most amazing feelings ever. And when I say being loved, it doesn’t include only your lover or romantic partner. It includes your parents, siblings, Best friends or cousins.

Loving someone with all your heart and soul is one thing that every human being should do at least once in their lifetime. It might not give you any satisfaction or achievement but it’ll certainly make someone very, very happy. And that in turn will give you a special happiness. That happiness is very rare and very expensive; no amount of wealth can buy you such happiness. The person whom you give your love will in turn be your debtor for all their life.

Being loved on the other hand gives you a whirlpool of happiness and content. You feel worthy and special. And that feeling is priceless. Receiving someone’s unadulterated and all giving love can be your life’s biggest achievement. But that also make you responsible for taking care of their love. If someone is showering you with all their love and affection then please don’t take undue advantage of that person. Be grateful that someone feels that you are worthy of their love. And if you feel that the love that you’re receiving is not meant for you or you are not worthy of such a love then let the other person know about it. It might hurt the person immensely but that would be temporary, you’ll be saving that person from life-long agony of loving the wrong person.

All said and done, I feel that the only person who can love you without expecting anything in return, who will love you till their last breath no matter how good or bad you’ve been to them, who always wants to see you happy irrespective of the fact that you might have hurt them endless times, who wants to see you smile even if that means that you smile through their tears…is a MOTHER. No love can be as selfless as a mother’s love.

Life is too short to have grudges in your heart for people. Rather fill your heart by all the love that you can give and receive from others. It’s just one life and no one is getting out Alive. So why hate and live a sad life. Rather just spread love and happiness around you and you’ll be the happiest person to be around.

Love madly. Live happily. Laugh crazily.”

Shrabani, it was indeed a pleasure featuring you in my Blog. Dear Readers, please comment below and let us know if Shrabani should start blogging or no. I feel she should, please help me change her mind…

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Yourself!

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