Stress Eating: A Myth or Reality?


This post is seriously very close to my heart. They say a way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. I am not sure if it works for every man but for a woman like me, it certainly works well. The way to my heart is through my stomach. I have been very vocal about thoughts that I love food. I am a big time foodie. And that’s why this post is very close to me. It is not about food but about how food affects me in a positive way.

When a fat person says, “Food keeps me happy” people have a perception about it. They feel the person says it only because he/she is fat and needs any reason to eat food. I am a fat person and I feel food actually keeps me happy. I know I need to lose weight and workout in 2016 – but one of the facts is also that I love food and it keeps me happy.

Apart from happiness, I have realized that I have a problem of stress eating. A lot of people including my mom (who is not at all fat) and my younger brother (who was fat but now fit and thinks he was never fat) think that stress eating is a myth. Some people feel the term Stress Eating is made up by a fat person who just wants to eat. But in reality, it is a problem.

I got this problem from my genes. My grandmother and my dad had the same problem, but again people saw it as an excuse to eat more than usual.

Stress eating largely known as Emotional Eating is a reality. When we read about Emotional Eating it says of all kind of emotions that lead to eating.

For instance, let’s take some happy emotions and analyse it – you’re in love, you got a promotion, your best friend got engaged etc. How will you celebrate these occasions? By doing 2 sets of Squats or by eating something? Honestly, you will go out eating with family or friends.

Now, let’s take an example of some sad emotions and analyse it – you had a break up, you lost your job, you got your periods etc. How are people going to cheer you up? By asking you to do Pilates or by giving you a box of 6 cupcakes? What do you think will keep you happier? If it’s the Pilates, then hats off and please contact me because I may need your help, but if not then we are sailing on the same boat.

Guys, the facts are right in front of you and most of you will agree that Stress Eating exists. Food is associated with comfort. When a baby cries, the mother takes the baby closer and breast feed the baby. When a father holds a baby and the baby is crying, the father puts the bottle of milk in the baby’s mouth. Before every occasion that needs to be celebrated people ask about the Food and the arrangement of it.

Similarly, every stressed out person tends to do different things. I won’t deny that I love working out or sleep when I am stressed out, but most of the times I find eating is easier.

Stress Eating according to me is a reality. I am very well aware that it is a problem, and I am working on it. Please let me know in the comments if you feel it’s a myth.

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