What keeps me awake all night???

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Ahem! Ahem!

An amazing fact about me that most of the people know is that I love to sleep. I simply love sleeping. I enjoy when I doze off and have got nothing to worry about. But… But…  But… Nahhhh! I can’t sleep at night. I don’t know if it is only me or several others like me, but one moment I am all set up to take my night’s sleep and jump on the bed to crash it and then BOOOM! No sleep! I am awake like an owl…. I am looking everywhere in my room as if something in the room is going to change in the morning or maybe when I wake up, I will be in a different place altogether.

On a given day, I have been falling asleep in the middle of a meeting, date, cooking session with mom, and after dinner I am all excited to sleep, because I was sleepy all day. And I get into the bed and there are things that seem to be so important to my brain that it orders me to not sleep…

Let’s have a look at things that I think or do which is why I can’t sleep at night:

  1. Instagram:

Food, Guys, Hot girls and their bodies, Dubsmashes by Actors, Hollywood, Bollywood, Funny images, motivational quotes, and of course the Kardashians!!! Instagram is the library for these things, how can I sleep when my Instagram Feed keeps on refreshing every 5 seconds!!!


  1. Facebook:

This used to be on #1 position; however I love Instagram more. But all the gossip of the school folks and who is getting married to him and who dumped whom and who are the school version of Sex and the City cannot be missed for an Eight Hour Sleep.


  1. Twitter:

What’s Trending??? Is it Amir Khan or Salman Khan or is it all about how to act like Being Human!?! Quirky tweets from all over the world and some people (like me) rant about things not being good is so important, one can certainly reconsider sleeping, isn’t it?


  1. YouTube:

I am not missing a Lilly Singh aka Superwoman Video or Vlog for my stupid sleep that comes every day. And yes obviously not missing the related videos and then their related posts and then…. whatever!

  1. Selfies:

I get to pose for all the naughty selfies that can be up for Instagram’s #nofilter selfie later. In daylight, it doesn’t seem that naughty, but with all the moonlight yeah I am killin’ it.

  1. Past Cyclone:

Even if I decide to keep my phone aside and try to sleep like a normal human being, I tend to end up using my over-thinking brain and dig up all the past mistakes, I have done in my life and then begins the slideshow of memories.


  1. Din-Fast

You know the food crave which is after the dinner and midnight eating and before the breakfast? Yes the one wherein you seem to open the fridge, scout it well, close it and then open it again take out some eggs and make a big unhealthy meal for yourself and then end up watching ‘Easy Pilates for Beginners’.

These are the things or activities that don’t let me sleep and then I blame everything on my sleep cycle and my previous employment with BPO’s. Some people advice me to keep my phone aside and sleep, but if I try to do that my extra smart brain shows me he is greater than anything and then proves that my memory is actually good.

Anyway, in 2016 I am trying to live a balanced life. I am trying to be all positivity and productive in my approach. Also, trying to eat healthy and sleep as much as I can.


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