Love and Other Drugs

Is love what makes us or breaks us? When did you first fall in love? Was your first love a successful love story or an incomplete one? Did you lose something really important in the process of loving someone with all your heart? Is love a priority? Do you love yourself as much as you love the other person? Did they do justice to your love?

Love has so many questions. Do I have answers to these? NO!!!

People who know me very well (that’s just my best friend, BTW) know that I love a lot of things and a few people. However, most of the people I love show me their back… Maybe their back is better than their face…! ((Wink)) I am affected a lot by love. I love to be loved, which is the major problem.

Enough of the love rants. Here’s 3 other rants about life of Chaotic Soul and some drugs to cure these:

  1. Ranting about: Understanding

It is very difficult for people, really close to me, to understand me. For some odd reason, I don’t know why, but it feels like the closest of all can’t or don’t want to understand my emotions on a particular day. There are times, when all a person needs is, someone to sit quietly and listen to them, but the people closest love me so much that they start giving advises.  Now I understand that they give advises because they love me. But are these advises really helping anyone? A person who is craving for someone to understand them, won’t care what the advices are. Honestly!!!

Drug to cure this: Keep your mouth shut and listen to the person who is wishing that you will try to understand them. Do it! It will help your friend/relative.

  1. Ranting About: Break ups

Break ups, break a lot of people. Now I don’t know people in my life who have ever been happy after a break up. Yes, there’s a possibility that the relationship was really bad and toxic for the friend or relative, but still the break up is making her/him sad and it is our duty as a friend to cheer them up. The friend who just had a break up might tell you things like – I am missing him/her, I can’t let go of him, I have the memories in my head, I miss those days, I am missing the sex, etc. Usually, we being the listener get irritated when a person keeps cribbing about a relationship that got over. And it is really annoying, I agree!

Drug to Cure This: Once again, try to understand their feelings. They are going through hell lot of changes at the moment. Their head is thinking of the future when their ex-lover won’t be around. Your friend is thinking of the times, he/she had a great time with their exes. You need not tell them things like, “I told you, in the start”, “You knew it all along”, “It was your mistake  too”, “You knew this is not good for you.”, “You have ruined your own life”… God! Stop! No one needs this right now. All that is required is a friend, that’s it.

  1. Ranting about: Text Back

Sending and receiving texts have become a habit to a lot of those who are addicted to their smart phones. Not getting any reply back is irritating. No matter who is supposed to text you back? Even a ‘What’s Up?’ should have a reply with ‘Nothing…’ This is one thing I hate personally; I hate it when people don’t text back to a question.

Drug to Cure This: Basic grammar folks! Everything that sounds like a question or ends with a question mark or has the basic ‘WH’ interrogating terms or something that sounds like a question to your brilliant little head, is usually a question; and by applying your basic grammar rules that your favorite English teacher taught you in school, you can identify if the statement was a question or no and then ANSWER it…

Peeps, I am really happy to see so many over-whelming responses on my Instagram lately. Thanks to all of you. Please pour love, as you all know how much I need your love and support.

Also, a reminder on the Poll, please take the poll and help me improvise my blogs.


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself!

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