Get Back Up!!!

You must be on your phone or Tablet or Laptop or PC reading this. You might be lying, sitting, or standing there reading this article. Life must’ve beaten the shit out of you. You must be so heartbroken that you feel you are crippled emotionally and mentally. I am sure something really bad must have happened. Maybe you are alone and single, maybe you are fat and hungry, and maybe you are unemployed. There is a possibility that your boyfriend or your girlfriend has left you and you have no job in hand to pay the bills.

It feels like life has hit you in the genitals over and over again, so much that you can’t take it anymore.  You gave up! I know how that feels exactly. I have been through that some hours ago and many times in the past, where I felt life is over. I lost the love of my life, someone for whom I had given up a lot of things. I felt like this is the end of happiness and the tornado of sadness was taking over me, just when I saw the sun rise. The sun rose just as normal. The birds came out just as they do. Nothing changed. The morning is still the morning it was yesterday and will be tomorrow and day after and after that. If I am sad today, the sun will rise. If I am sad tomorrow, still the sun will rise. The sun won’t stop rising!

Damn! I know how it feels like. The little internal shivers and the red burned eyes, feels like there will be no happiness. But that’s why I am here to tell you: “Get the Effing Back up!!!” If you fall down for 999 times in a row, get back up for the 1000th time. You know why, because the world won’t change if you are not happy. No one cares if you are happy or no. Your mood affects no one. No one cares if you are sad or vulnerable. Everything remains the same. You can’t sit there and plot a revenge on someone or some things. If the entire world tried to plot revenge against people who have hurt them, trust me this world would have been in the World War and we all would’ve been fighting against some person or the other.

But is that the way we would react??? NO! Two wrongs don’t make a Right! A lot of people asked me, “Ashmita, is the reason you write so much and have achieved so much in so little time because you were been hurt and you wanted to prove people wrong?” and I answer them. “NO! I have achieved a position at the age of 25 and I am so passionate about writing is because, I wanted to prove myself wrong!” There were days when I lost hopes from myself and thought I will never do what I am supposed to. And that is what I wanted to prove wrong. The moment when people hurt me, I doubted my capability, I felt worthless and I did feel I wasn’t good enough. Now that’s who I want to prove wrong, the old me, the old Ashmita. I want to prove the old version of me wrong by saying: No you can do better and you’re indeed better than this.

This post isn’t the normal one’s wherein there are relationship issues or how to do something kind of blog posts! Naah!!! This post is for me to tell you that you need to get up! I know you must’ve given up! But no! You can’t. You need to prove all those thoughts wrong that went through your head when you were been hurt. You need to prove yourself wrong that you can do better than this. You damn can! And you will!


Get  back up!!!

Keep Being Proud!

A special note from Ashmita, Chaotic Soul


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