Bonus Post | Year Ending Post: Things You Can Do If You Are Spending New Year’s Eve Alone


Don’t be cranky all day and keep on thinking, “Why am I so lonely on New Year’s” You’ve got to realize that being happy is not being in any of the discos or parties or a fake friend’s circle. NAAH! Being happy is about YOU! You are not alone, because you are sad. You are sad because you don’t think of yourself as a company.

And trust me; spending the New Year’s Eve alone is perfectly OK and normal.

Also, you will be away from all the stress that you would’ve gone through if you had to arrange the party:

  1. Arranging the party
  2. Sending the invites
  3. Arranging the food and drinks
  4. Lastly, cleaning up the mess

Bad idea!

These days most of the parties have themes, dress codes and everything that adds on to the stress of going to a party.

  1. Do I have a dress that has Black and Golden and Red?
  2. Oh No! I have to go for accessories shopping.
  3. Oh Shoot! Shoes!!!
  4. I don’t have a date for the party!!!

Again a bad Idea!!! So when you are going to be alone, spending the New Year’s Eve with yourself you don’t have to put up an outfit for yourself for a party!

You are in your own awesome sauce company; celebrate it with a glass of wine or a bottle of beer.  If you had a little too much to drink, you don’t have to hear the nasty things people will tell you after you are back in your senses. Also, no one will make you feel ashamed for the fact that someone cleaned your puke. You will clean up yourself and blabber things to the mirror. That’s completely OK.

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Dancing is a problem for someone like me. I dance, but only in the presence of myself! What better way than the New Year’s Eve wherein the only audience you will have is YOURSELF!

In 2015, I have found my true love! Yes! This one is the eternal love… It is my BED. I would love to welcome 2016 with my bed.

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Eating! Half the people I know have an objection with my weight and eating habit. If I go to a party, I will drink less and would want to eat more. There will be some people who will have an objection to what I have on my plate(s) and how much Pilates I should do after I get back home. Being alone on the New Year’s Eve means no one to judge me and plate(s).

Do you love old Bollywood songs more than the new era’s trance and party songs? Well you can keep hearing your faves on repeat if you are by yourself!

Get some reading on. Do justice to the book you had ditched last Saturday night for an utterly useless party you had been to.

Dress up and stay indoors. Get on with your mobile phone camera and start the selfie spree. Click! Click! Click!

Lastly, you don’t have to spend time with people to have a great time and to welcome New Year. You need someone who loves you the most – YOU!

This post is inspired/copy/taken idea from Here. I thought this is something that should be on my blog too. So here’s my very familiar and similar version of the same post.

All the people reading this post, if you are going to be alone this New Year’s Eve – Don’t be Vulnerable! Chaotic Soul is also alone this New Year’s eve! Enjoy your own company!

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself!

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