Year Ending Post 2: Stuff I Don’t Like

I am usually not a person who dislikes a lot of things but at times there are things that I don’t like. I mean okay, I understand that I am no Princess to dislike a lot of stuff but something’s are so annoying that I can’t let go of them.

  1. Customer Service Rep:

Don’t take me wrong, I have worked as a Customer Service Rep myself but some of these guys are just too annoying. SO if I called in some company’s customer service department after being on the IVR for more than 10 odd minutes, I need a customer service rep that isn’t computerized. A pleasant voice helps. You can’t be talking like a robot and then sending me a SMS asking, “Did the rep give you proper customer service?” Hell No. I wanted a sweet and pleasant voice and not a guy or girl who is actually annoyed that I called.

I am usually a very good customer, but if I get someone who is an over smart piece of crap or tries to outsmart me, I make sure their span with me on the call is a living hell. Plus, I am going to tweet about the company and also write a bad review on Yes I am mean if you aren’t sweet.


  1. Phone Batteries:

I have a very strange relationship with any given phone’s battery. They just don’t like me as much as I want them to like me. When I intend to buy a phone I check the battery life and it says 45 hours, 72 hours blah blaah blaaah! Bullshit! I charged my phone battery an hour ago and if I check it in 30 minutes it says 62%. Are you effing me right now? SO is it that it will give me 72 hours, if I don’t use it…? Did I buy the phone to not use it…?

Another annoying thing about batteries is I know the phone’s charge is at 20% and it is going to die soon, but dear battery, if you stop beeping every minute with a warning: Battery Low, you will survive more. Basically, my battery is on a self destruction mode.


  1. Attendants at Retail store:

I know these guys get paid, but after looking at my face, you think I am happy enough to listen to you and what offers do you have? NO! If I am not smiling, I probably was beaten up at home by my mom for not doing laundry and I am at your store because, clothes keep me happy. Also, I can read the offers mentioned on the door and every other blank space of your store, and I don’t need you to keep on saying it.

Another thing, I don’t appreciate you looking at me while I am trying to shop. I don’t appreciate the fact that I am been stared at for shopping. I might pick up 7 things and buy none, so you looking at me make me feel that you are judging me. Also, sizeist reps, I know what size I am and I know that what will fit me, so you need not tell me what will look best on me.


  1. Food Servers at restaurants:

I am at a restaurant with friends, family or the love of my life. I have ordered something I love eating. I have ordered something that is there on your menu. And if I have ordered a Butter Chicken, I don’t want all the servers coming to me and saying, “Ma’am that will be a little sweet.” I know!!! I have been eating Butter Chicken since I was a kid and I know how sweet it can be. And I love it. There was this one time, I had been to a restaurant with my boyfriend and I ordered for a plain Roti. Imagine what the attendant told me, “Ma’am the rate of the plain roti and the butter roti is the same.” I was about to bash him, but my boyfriend, didn’t quite let me do so. These things are irritating.

I am at a restaurant to spend some quality time with my loved ones, and I am paying for the different taxes as well to spend time. Why the hell on Earth will you come and ask me again and again, “Should I serve you more?” If I need it, I will ask for it!


  1. People effing up the grammar:

‘They’re a bunch of jerks’ and ‘Their bunch of jerks’ are completely two different things. I don’t like people messing around simple grammar. I see so many posts on Facebook and Instagram and some of them mess up around these words horribly. A guy telling a girl: “Your sister” rather than “You’re sister” makes hell lot of difference in the meaning of the two statements.

These are random five things I really don’t appreciate a lot. I would love to know things that you don’t like, please comment below. Also, if you are new here, please subscribe/follow my blog – I post random posts every Monday and Friday.

My Instagram and twitter handle is @chaoticsoulzzz. You all can follow me there as well. I love you guys for showing so much love on my blog. I usually get so many notifications on WordPress that it makes my day. I would love to know you guys better.

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Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Love Thyself!

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