Year Ending Post: 1. Resolutions Vs Vision Board

We are in 2015 and almost entering 2016; this is not the New Year resolution era, it is now the vision boards’ era. Everyone on their blogs have their vision board tour going on. Many of you guys must know that I was making my vision board too. Those who are following me on twitter and Instagram are aware that my vision board is complete. I have put up the picture below. Comment below to let me know how is my vision board…? Also, I would love to see your vision boards too, tag me on Instagram once you are sharing your vision boards.

New Year and Christmas being right around the corner, I am starting with the Year Ending Post Series. There will be 4 posts in this series, this year. All that being said, here’s the first post of the Year Ending series.

New Year Resolutions Vs Vision Board (NYR vs VB)

NYR: There’s no creativity included. All we do is write them down on a piece of paper and stick it up on the closet.

VB: There’s hell lot of creativity included here. You will have tons of magazine cut outs. You need to decide how you will design your vision board. Won’t it be a lot of motivation when you sit with your board, magazine cut outs, and scissors and glue…?


NYR: No one looks at it and hence it is NEVER fulfilled.

VB: It is supposed to be placed right in front of your eyes and is the first thing you see when you get up.


NYR: We used to write things like ‘Lose weight’ in a NYR.

VB: We put up a picture of Mila Kunis with her super cute body and notes that will help us achieve that body.


NYR: Honestly, we were always ashamed to tell the world about what our resolutions are because we know we never complete them.

VB: We brag about our Vision Board because it is so colourful and even f we don’t complete it, we know we have done a great job in making this vision board.



Well here are a few NYR v/s VB things. If you loved this post like it and subscribe to my blog. Also, you can share it on Instagram by using the hash tag #chaoticsoulzzz…


Talking about Vision boards, here is a small video on my vision board. You may call it the vision board tour. Also, as this is my first video on YouTube, so if you like it and want to see more videos please subscribe to my channel and leave a comment.


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself!

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