It is that time of the month for me when my boyfriend and brother feel; I am having a mood swing, a terrible one. Yes, my Aunt Flow has just decided to visit me. You still don’t get it?

I feel like eating more cupcakes and chocolates and spend my time in a hot shower. Still no clue, what am I talking about? Well, I am on my periods.

I don’t understand why it is a wrong thing to talk about periods openly in India. I don’t understand why it is a taboo saying a simple statement as, “I have my periods” or “I got my periods” or “I am bleeding down there and will be bleeding for the next 5 days”?

We all know that girls get their periods and it is normal to get it, isn’t it? I got it when I was just eleven year old. My mother had taught me everything about periods and also showed me how to wear sanitary pads. In fact, when I was twelve, and my Aunt Flow decided to visit me out of nowhere on a certain day and my mom was no where around; I had to tell my dad to get me the pads, because we had exhausted the whole packet.

My family was just cool about it and they are cool about it even now.

So what makes me write this post? Nothing! It is just that I am on my cycle, while I am writing this and I know how we women feel about periods and here are a few facts about it and a few feel good things to do.

  1. Not every woman have a scheduled time for their periods, it can come in any time.
  2. Yes we have mood swings when we are on our dates & that’s because the hormones are all over the place, confused!
  3. Many years ago, there was a No-No for girls in periods to enter the kitchen, not because it is impure, but because, they are already bleeding the hell out and they need rest. However, today, it is said that it is taboo to enter the kitchen if we have our periods. We just need rest because we are already exhausted all day long for 5 days.
  4. We love hot water bath or shower when we get the cramps, because it reduces the menstrual cramps.
  5. Chocolates and sweets also give a different kind of peace to the ovaries and they stop fighting for a while.
  6. WE know that we act crazy when we are in the five-day phase; however, we have all the rights to call ourselves crazy, but you mister…? You cannot call us crazy, no matter what.
  7. If we are getting angry because you have done something wrong doesn’t mean that we have our periods, so stop saying, “are you having your periods and that’s why you are getting so hyper?” NO! Dear lover, we are angry because you have done something effing wrong.
  8. Period Sex, well there are some who doesn’t like it and there are some who love it. I am from the category that doesn’t care about it. Sex is Sex – With or without period, isn’t it?

While I am writing this post, my ovaries are fighting and almost killing each other, however that’s fine because they will fight 5 days for many more months.

Guys, talk openly about periods, it is not a taboo. We will get it. Do not fret about it. Honestly, you can’t do anything to stop it.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Yourself!

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