Chapter 15



Maya was stunned and speechless when Shiv proposed to her for marriage. She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know how to react. She kept looking at Shiv with a look that said she wasn’t sure. Shiv was still waiting for a reply. She didn’t want to upset Shiv. But she wasn’t ready, and Shiv knew that very well. Maya looked at Shiv and said, “Shiv, I like you a lot. You are my best friend and I have been attracted to you. But marriage…” Shiv interrupted, “Don’t worry, I am fine. I know you don’t want to get married, but I was just trying my luck. I can’t see you going out with other men. Especially after you and I spent time together at your place.” Maya was in tears and she hugged Shiv and said, “I am sorry. I love you but I am not sure about marriage yet.” She continued, “I want to write my own book and become famous.” Shiv hugged her back and said, “Chill baby. I love you more and I am sorry that I proposed to you, out of nowhere. It is just that when I left you at the airport and was thinking about us – You. I had a feeling that it is time we should be together. I knew you are not ready, but I wanted to make an attempt because I was missing you and I don’t know how will I spend all my days without you.” Shiv hugged her tightly. Maya smiled and they started walking on the beach.

They reached the car and drove back the hotel in complete silence. Maya went for a shower as she wanted to clear her head out, while Shiv was sitting on the bed with his laptop, he hadn’t changed. He was upset but understood that Maya wanted to make her career and he didn’t want her to kill her dreams and marry him.

Maya was standing under the shower and thinking of what had happened on the beach. She was feeling bad for Shiv. She was confused. She loved him and she wanted him to propose, but she wasn’t expecting him to propose so soon. She washed her hair and was asking herself, “Should I tell Shiv that let’s get married? Should I tell Shiv about what happened in Mumbai years ago after Vishal left?” She turned on the shower to let the shampoo flow down her body while she stood there with her eyes closed. She stood there for a good ten minutes and then dried herself up.

Maya came out of the shower. She was wearing a grey sleeveless three fourth night dress. Her hair was wet and open. She looked at Shiv who was busy on his laptop. She felt bad for him. She walked towards him and touched his back and he turned. His eyes were red but a smile on his face. She noticed that he cried. She also noticed that he was having cigarettes back to back. He stood up and asked her, “Is it okay if I stay here tonight? I will leave tomorrow and book myself another place.” Maya hugged him and said, “Shiv, I love you. Will you marry me?” Maya continued, “I don’t have a ring to propose at the moment, but tomorrow we will go and buy you a ring after the seminar.” Shiv broke the hug and looked at her. She had tears in her eyes. He inquired, “Are you saying this because you are worried that our friendship will be hampered?” She nodded in a no and said, “I proposed to you because I don’t want to lose you. And if that means I have to marry you, then that is what it is.” Shiv hugged her and asked again, “We will remain friends even if you say no, you know that right? You don’t have to do this, if you don’t want to.”

Maya looks at him and thinks of all the good times spent with him. She says, “Let’s be in a relationship. Even I want to try it. And we will get married in a few years, if you are okay with it?” Shiv hugs her tightly and kisses her neck and says, “You don’t know how happy I am today. I love you a lot Maya, since the day I’ve known what love is, it’s been you.” Maya smiles and hugs him and says, “Let’s go to sleep now, I have a seminar in the morning.” Shiv loosens his hug and looks at her and kisses her on the forehead.

Maya stretches towards him and places a kiss on his lips, to which Shiv responds by biting her lower lip. Shiv sits on the bed and makes Maya sit on his lap. They kiss, while Maya’s fingers are travelling through Shiv’s hair. Maya smiles in between of the kiss. Maya could feel Shiv’s manhood and gets more excited. Shiv picks up Maya and lay her down on the bed, he starts kissing her neck and making small bites. Maya can’t control herself and whispers in Shiv’s ears, “Now…” They spent the whole night making love. Maya sleeps after an extensive workout in the night. She sleeps with complete satisfaction to know that the man besides her is not going to leave her in the morning. He will be there for the rest of the life with Maya.

It is 5 in the morning when Maya gets up and goes for a shower. She calls up Shubhro and wakes him up for the Day 2 of the Seminar. Maya was standing in front of the mirror and looked at her neck that had a love bite. This time she decides not to hide it. She was in a towel and her lingerie and was tying her hair in a top knot. She looked at Shiv to make sure he was asleep; while she can change into her clothes. She was about to wear her black sweater with burgundy pants, just when Shiv holds her by the waist and kisses her neck. She yells in shock and turns around. Shiv is standing there and laughing. She tries to cover herself with the towel and laughs. He holds her hand and pulls her closer to him. She is still trying to hold the towel against her breast, but she drops it when Shiv kisses her on the lips. Shiv’s hands were moving all over her back feeling all her curves. She felt a shiver down her spine when he touched her and turned around. He smiled and started kissing her, all over her neck. She said, “I have to go to the seminar. I will meet you in the evening.” He didn’t hear a word she said and picked her up and made her sit on the bed and took her out of the lingerie. He touched her femininity and made her yearn for more. Maya was in ecstasy now and Shiv teased her, “We will meet in the evening, right?” Maya opened her eyes and said, “NO…” Shiv smiled and pushed her so that she lies on her back on the bed. Shiv puts his entire body weight on her and starts kissing her. His arms moving on her and gliding over her chest, breast and stomach. He moved his one hand in between her legs and the other on the small of her back. She gasped.  She knew what he was doing. She was smiling gracefully as the gentle sensation of his was touching her all over, feeling her whole body.

Maya felt the urge of holding him tight and asking him to make love to her, but she was enjoying what he was doing to her. She didn’t feel his weight on her now. She laid there waiting for him. She almost skipped a beat when she felt his fingers slowly enter her. To widen her, he opened his fingers. He was preparing for the penetration. She inhaled piercingly, when he pushed himself at the back wall of her vagina. She was wet for him. He felt every inch of her. He thrust harder and pushed deeper, increasing his pace. His hand held her wrist tighter. Maya’s second climax followed the first one within no time. Maya felt a pain on her wrist, when he gave one last push and he poured into her. There was complete silence. He was still inside her, resting on top of her.

Shiv said, “Maya open your eyes. Look at me.” Maya opened her eyes and looked at him. She never saw him so relaxed and contented. “I love you”, she said. He got up and laid besides her and said, “I love you more.” Maya got up and got ready for the seminar. Shubhro called her, “I heard Shiv is here… Are you coming for the seminar?” Maya replied, “Yeah I am coming. I’m on my way. Will be down in 10 minutes” Maya kept the phone and rushed towards the mirror. She applied kaajal and strawberry lip gloss. Shiv got up when Maya was wearing her shoes. Shiv said, “Maya…!” Maya replied, “Hmmm…?” Shiv took her left hand and slipped the ring on her ring finger. Maya smiled, kissed him on the cheeks and said, “I will see you in the evening, right?” He laughed and said, “Yes, I will be here for one more day.” She gave him a flying kiss and left for the seminar.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 15

  1. hi dear Ashmitha

    i just loved ur way of writing…,.
    this is the only fictional story r u writing???
    if u already wrote any other fictional story can u pls give me the link of that story

    i m waiting for your reply
    pls reply


    1. Hi Manjari, The Runaway Writer is the only fictional story that i write at the moment. Other than that I have my blog where I write twice a week.


  2. hi dear Ashmitha

    i just loved ur writing skill and ya i read some of ur old articles regarding FRIENDS AND BENIFITS and NO STRIGS ATTACHED that were good and nice thought…..,.

    this is the only fictional story r u writing???

    if u already wrote any other fictional story can u pls give me the link of that story

    i m waiting for your reply
    pls reply


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