Call Me, Maybe!

Our phones really play a major role in our lives. A day without phone is like ‘Ahhhhh WHA…. WHATTTTT???’ I am sure you guys know what that feeling is all about. All of us are so addicted to our phones that we can’t imagine a day without it, can we?

I, personally feel that cell phones are the reason for happiness in a couple’s love story as well as the main reason of sadness. It breaks our heart when our partner doesn’t call us or text us (in most of the cases). It brings a smile on our face when we wake up and see their message or missed calls blinking on our display screen.

I have a very rough, wild, sensitive and emotional relationship. Not with my guy, but with my phone.

8 things that I do on my phone as soon as I wake up shows what an addict I am:

  1. Old is Gold:

Check the messages and missed calls. My boyfriend believes in the old form of contacting a person and though he uses a smart phone he is not a great fan of Whatsapp or Facebook. He calls me and texts me; something that I really love about him. So the first thing I do the moment I wake up is, check the number of missed calls and text messages (SMS). Yeah they exist.

  1. Whatsapp:

Apart from my boyfriend the rest of the world which includes my family and my best friend are the Whatsapp people. So I need to check my whatsapp every now and then to make sure that they are not being left out.

  1. WordPress:

The thing that I love the most is my blog. And I check my blog every time I am expecting a few likes and comments and mostly to check some other amazing blogs by the bloggers around the world.

  1. Facebook:

I love to call myself a Social Network Butterfly. I am highly active on Facebook. I love to scroll down my wall till the time I don’t see any repeated posts. I like, share and comment on everything that I like on the wall – from a heart breaking quote to a super yummy video on how to make a cake (something that I will never bake, but will watch).

  1. Instagram:

This one’s another favourite of mine. I love to see Kim Kardashian’s Instagram pictures and also love to see the all of the Bollywood’s and Hollywood’s nightlife and Selfies and other stuff. I just love keeping myself updated (Stalking) on other’s life.

  1. YouTube:

I love to utilize my Wi-Fi at home to the fullest. I am subscribed to some really awesome and very well-known YouTubers and I love to watch their scheduled videos. Also, I love to know what’s up in Bollywood and what new song is hitting the playlist. I came across this one video which is completely awesome, and so related to my post.

  1. E-mails:

Currently, I am unemployed and I really am keen to get on to something that excites me, professionally. I check my e-mail every morning in order to see what kind of jobs are available in the market.

  1. Criminal Case:

Ha Ha Ha! Yes I am a big time addict to the game of Criminal Case. I have just started playing it and every morning I get up I need to feed my dogs in the game and also claim my daily bonus.

My phone has seen more tears in my eyes than my boyfriend has. It has heard more of the crappy talks and has witnessed all the gossip I’ve had with my best friend. It falls off my hand out of nowhere but still stays with me forever.

My baby is Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. And I simply love it!

Let me know about your phone and what kind of relationship you share with it, in the comment below.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love yourself!

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