Sweet Sixteen!!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sweet Sixteen.”

People brag a lot about being in their Sweet Sixteen, however for me, my world would’ve been something completely different if things went as I thought it would when I was sixteen.

It isn’t even a decade since I have been sweet sixteen. Anyway, it wasn’t all sweet for me. When I was sixteen I was acting up like I was twenty five. I was taking care of my brother and mother. I learnt more than half of household cooking by then and was a pro in cleaning dishes.

What did I think my life would be when I am 25 as a sixteen year old?

As a sixteen year old, my life in the next 10 years would’ve been a disaster. I had decided to get married by the time I am 25 after my graduation and a job in hand. I had also decided that by 27, I will have at least a kid and that’s it.

Things changed for me drastically. I am glad I didn’t get married and I am very glad that there is no kid on the way. When I was sixteen I was going through a very rough time. My family was shattered and the only escape to everything was a fairy tale love story, marriage and kids.

As and when I grew older, I realized, the fairy tales are just good to be in the books and movies. There is no Prince Charming who will come and kiss you or there is no Knight in Shining Armour who will rescue you from your life.

I realized that life is an ongoing process and there can never be a happily ever after in it. We meet people, we like them and then we have to let go of them. Clinging to a certain part of your life or a certain person is going to be no good, unless the certain person is you – Yourself!

Three things I thought as a 16 year old that came true but not literally.

  1. Finding Love:

I found love, not in just one person but in many people and things. I found love within myself. I found one love that would never leave me, that’s Self Love. I found out that Love is not celebrating Valentine’s Day with roses and chocolates and gifts. Love is sitting in your pyjamas and watching TV Series back to back on a Saturday Night. Love is when you get to spend hours in front of the mirror, appreciating your own beauty. Love is when you share one pizza with your best friend without the thought getting fat. Love is cuddling with your lover and talking utter non-sense. Love comes in different ways and we need to accept love that is when love will stay with us.

  1. Travelling:

As a teenager, I wanted to travel Mumbai, Just Mumbai. But now as an adult, I have been to quite some cities and states already and I am planning to go on a long vacation very soon.

  1. Beauty:

I had unibrows as a teenager and I weighed less than what I am right now but I was unhappy. I was beautiful back then and even now, the only difference is that I am accepting the way I am right now and happy with myself. However, back then, I thought being beautiful would be shedding some weight. But at 25, I realized that by gaining weight I have become beautifully sexier.

Do I want to be a sweet sixteen again? Honestly, no! I never liked the teenage. I love being an adult.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Yourself!

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