Transition to Fall

In India,  we don’t generally have the Fall as a season.  But yet this time of the year is comparatively pleasant,  at least when compared to the monstrous Summer.

How do I have a transition from Summer to Fall?

1.  I take out the cardigans and pair them up with my jeans and a regular t-shirt.
2. A scarf can do wonders at this time of the year.  In the Mumbai weather the scarf is generally not required but I usually tie it on my handbag for that oomph factor.

3. In India,  summers mean minimal make up…  However,  the Fall means all my lipsticks are used.  This is the time when I go for bright and warm shades of lipsticks. Also,  I love to paint my nail brightest.

4. A comfy loose t-shirt with an ankle length leggings or jeans paired up with a scarf is the best and safe option throughout the Fall.

5. Lastly,  and most important transition is Hair.  I leave my hair down in the Fall…!  And yes get them straightened…!

Here’s a collage of my transition to Fall.


If you are thinking about coloring your hair, check out Madison Reed’s hair dye advisor It will help you pick the perfect color!

What’s your transition from Summer to Fall?  Let me know in the comment below. Like this post and share it on your social media…

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