7 ways to deal with a Fight

Life is a very interesting game. Things happen unknowingly.  One moment things go as you wanted it to be, the next moment,  it’s all haywire.  Maybe,  that’s why they say life is made up of ups and downs. 

We fight with too many people in a day,  right?  I do.  And the maximum number of fights happen with my family.  There are usually a lot of differences and too much of generation gap, which leads to the epic mother-daughter fights. 

Is there any daughter in this universe who has never fought with her mom?  If yes,  hats off to you darling! Keep up the good work! If no,  please read below.

7 things to do after a mother – daughter fight:

1. Go to sleep: I opt this one every time, I fight with my mom.  When I go to sleep after a fight, it hurts less.  Fighting with my mom is the worse thing ever.  I am as stubborn as her.  If I am awake,  we tend to fight more and argue more. So I always opt to sleep until she leaves for work.

2. Watch a movie: I love watching movies on my laptop,  when I am angry.  It gives me some peace of mind.  For some time, I imagine myself in the movie. I usually choose a movie that is either a Rom- com or comedy. 

3. Write: My best friend asked me to write when I am angry.  It is sensible as it gives me some time to spend with my inner voice…  My inner voice is the loudest when I am upset. And I think  it is very creative as well.  Writing is certainly a getaway from the fight.

4. Music: This becomes my best friend at such events.  I listen to strange songs from my phone’s play list.  It doesn’t make me happy but makes me feel more miserable and at times you just want to be sad after a fight, right?

5. Go spiritual: Some people might call it a little crazy,  but I talk to God when I am really upset.  I have a healthy conversation with God. I consider God as my friend,  so I talk to Him, as I would with my friend.  I sit in front of the temple of my home,  and speak to Lord Shiva and Kaali Maa…  It gives me a feeling that a huge burden is off me.

6. Be bitchy: I tend to whatsapp my best friend and tell her what I am going through.  She also tells me about her experiences o  the similar lines and then  we both bitch about life and make decisions that could make us happier.

7. Cry: Crying is the best solution to all the fights.  All you need to do is cry like a baby.  Crying is free.  No one will yell at you for crying. You don’t have to change your position to cry.  It is very convenient.  Just cry in complete loneliness. 

These are a few things that I do,  when I have a fight  with my mom.  At times,  I do all the 7 mentioned above. 

No one likes fighting with anyone,  it shoots up your blood pressure,  it upsets you, it also makes you feel worthless.  But everytime,  the younger generation has to understand and compromise is unacceptable.  This shouldn’t be the case.  At times,  even our elders can be wrong and there’s no harm in apologising,  right?  They have taught us, that no one becomes big or small if they say sorry!

Well anyway,  you guys take care and don’t fight! 

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love yourself!



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