My Body Is None Of Your Business

I am totally against fat shaming. Why?

People say, I don’t like fat shaming because I am fat myself. Well, that’s the truth. I don’t like fat shaming; because I am pretty overweight. Many people might think that; if a person is okay with their weight, whether it is less or more they shouldn’t bother about body shaming. So which also means that, if a person is not a graduate, it should be okay with people telling them that they are not a graduate? Also, it means that a person who is unemployed and is been called as useless because he/she is not earning anything, should be okay with that kind of a comment? But they aren’t. Why?

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Being told, what and how a person is completely okay and I believe in that. But when I say shaming – it means making fun or unnecessary comments on their personality, whatsoever it is. So making a remark, like a certain person is lazy or useless because he is fat, isn’t that wrong? Is a person lazy because he is fat, seriously?

As I said earlier, I am pretty overweight and I am totally okay about it. I can afford my own clothes; no matter what size they are. I sponsor my own food, in fact food for the entire clan, at times.

I am 25 year old and I have worked for more than 60 months till date. I have worked hard when my mom was paralyzed and I also took care of the house with my mom when my dad passed away. Am I lazy? Really! Think again, will you?

There are guys and girls who have got an issue with my sudden weight gain. It is not sudden. I was exactly this (Fat, Unhealthy, Overweight, whatever) years ago. I was this girl since the day I was born. I had a sudden weight loss not a sudden weight gain.

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Another funny thing that people usually say is that, “Why don’t you lose some weight?” IF it was that easy to not eat and lose weight, then there would have been no social issue of weight loss or weight gain. Losing weight for an overweight person is as difficult as it is to gain weight for an underweight person. 50% of the population who fall under the category of being overweight are the one who love food, and they cannot imagine their life without that yummy pizza which is overloaded with cheese. It is easy to say that stop eating it. But a person who loves to eat knows how difficult it is to not eat what they love.

Why should I stop eating a certain food? I understand that people who are asking me to reduce weight are because they care for me and none of them are mocking me, but honestly, I would have; if I could have.

I being the victim of fat shaming would like to tell all the people who are fat shaming me and the others that, we know how it feels to not fit in our clothes, we know how it feels when people look at you when you are eating a whole pizza. We know it very well, how it is to look at yourself into the mirror and think of the comments that people have passed on you and not see your own beauty. We know that we are overweight. We know that we will have problems in the future. We know how much it pains to see all our friends and relatives being slimmer and you being the one who is the odd man out. We know how it feels to be embarrassed of eating a lot (according to you, for us, it is the normal quota). We exactly know of all the things that a fat person is going through and you keeping names or commenting on a sudden weight gain, isn’t doing any good. I can’t shut your mouth, because you have an opinion about people like me. But before you have an opinion about me it will be better if you look at yourself and wonder what kind of personality shaming can be done about you, if people know about your secrets. Shhhh!

Everyone has something that they are not happy about in themselves. There was recently a big hype on the fairness cream sold in the Indian Markets that shamelessly said that it is necessary for a girl to be fair. Some products also said that fair is beautiful. I don’t believe in this. Though I am not the one who falls in the category of being dark but I feel bad about such comments made on people’s body. And this issue was taken on a large scale, wherein girls revolted against skin colour differentiation. Why aren’t we having a similar kind of revolt on fat shaming or rather body shaming in general? Why not?

Why is that being fat means you are the laughing stock of the crowd?

I am pretty confident in what I wear, how I look and what I am? I have done really well with my life and I am still the best in my field. I have no objection in being fat. In fact, I love being fat. I have a few problems that any fat person would have like knee pain at the age of 25 and menstruation problems, but I know they will be okay eventually. I will cure them, because those things are hurting me. I haven’t given the right to anyone, completely NO ONE to comment on my body type, my weight and my life.

I don’t mind, spending Rs. 2000/- on a pair of jeans that I could’ve got for Rs. 900/- if I was a waist 34. I like designer clothes, if that is what fits me. I can wear a pyjama and go to places and look cool in it. I have communication skills that no one can beat and I have made sure everyone who is very close to me get this skill of mine.  I have a personality that no one can hate, and if they do, then they are certainly not from the calibre I belong to.

I am an opinionated woman and I am proud of having an opinion about everyone who has an opinion about my weight and my body.

A small letter to all the people who are fat shaming others,

Dear Fat Shamers,

You might’ve a weight that is completely in lined with your height. Technically your BMI (whatever shit that is) is in place. Congratulations! You have a perfect body. How does it feel to be a perfect person? Good, isn’t it? Guess what? I feel my best at the moment. And guess what; I am almost 40Kgs more than the weight I am supposed to be, as per that medical chart, but I still am in my best mode right now. Why? Because, I am a self-made woman, I eat what I feel like and guess what I pay for it myself. I pay my bills on my own. I buy clothes that you can’t even afford, maybe.

I have had more than one self-funded vacations. I am that woman from the society who has achieved a position, respect, fame and quite some criticism. And I have grown, not only size but also in personality. I have an overwhelming personality, something that you can never have.

Do you watch porn and wish that you (if you are a girl) or your girlfriend (if you are a boy) have something missing? Yes? I never feel that way; neither does my boyfriend, because I am very well gifted with every body part of mine well-built to the level that I never even have that kind of thought.

Do you like Kim Kardashian’s body, Vidya Balan, Huma Qureshi and other actresses who have really nice bodies? I like them too. Guess what! I share my weight, height or some body part like them. Yes! I think I am gifted. And I feel you shouldn’t take the responsibility of my body or my weight loss, because I will figure out what I need from life.

Once again darlings, I love you all a lot but I love myself (the whole me) more. Thanks for your concerns and comments. Really don’t need them. None of us do!


Please make sure that you’ll are not being victimized into body shaming nor being a part of it. Please! It is very hurtful.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Yourself!

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