Where is the Sense and Sensibility?

Right now,  while I am writing this,  I am in the train and on my way back home.  By the time you’ll read this, it is going to be an incident that happened in the past.  So me and my best friend are the only girls in our bogi…  We have 5 other men who are grumpy and boring.  They are all the OHH-THEY-CAN’T-BE-CUTE-MEN here. I am sitting,  fighting with my friend on something she said,   I think she said something on Kim Kardashian,  not really sure about it.

Two men are reading  newspapers,  while one of them is busy doing something on his phone,  one of them is sitting with the phone and newspaper in his hands but looking outside the window and one of them has gone up on his seat and slept.  My bff is reading an article in the magazine and turning pages. 

I  am sitting here with a pillow on my lap and my phone and writing this post. Some men lack sensibility and the sense of it.  They are a little grumpy not only by looks but also their personalities  are lousy.  It is so strange to see men not being a gentleman. 

It would’ve been really sweet of these men to give us the corner seat,  us, being the only females,  that makes sense,  right?  But as I said,  some people lack sense and sensibility. 

However,  if they have assumed that we are going to be one of those girls who will be scared to be surrounded by men,  they have mistaken.  We are so powerful and awkwardly bold that these men will feel embarrassed that they have girls like us with them.  We stare at guys in the magazine or in reality, like men stare at women for no good reason.  We rate their assets,  like we’ve got rating for ours all our lives.  And we love to  discuss on controversial topics thatat times are so hurtful that people choose to sleep rather than listening to us. 

I don’t hate men.  In fact, I love the fact that we’ve men in our society,  that helps us have a healthy competition.  I love men, especially  who are amazing eye candies. But some men,  just by their personality upset the mood of others.  There are some men,  who have a grumpy face but really talk well.  All these years and generations, lwe have men who have been talking about different kind of women,  but if we talk about the type of men,  they think we are being insensitive and are extremely bold.

Coming back to the bogi of my train, all the men have slept,  some are dozing off while they are sitting and  some are dozing off with their head laid on the pillow.  My bff is still not talking to me and reading the magazine.  I am still trying to figure out the different stories of people and what’s going on in their mind.  I don’t want to poke my nose,  but sitting here doing nothing is very boring. 

I usually tend to guess the story of a person if  I am very bored.  It is more or less like face reading or personality reading… The only difference is that I don’t know if I am right or wrong in the guesswork that I am doing. 

Yes,  you may call it as, being judgemental.  I judge people in my free time. 

And yes I know the post is off track!  Don’t judge!  ((wink,  wink))

Keep Reading!  Keep Blogging!  Love yourself!


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