Love Thy Self 2K15: Introductory Post

New Blog by me on Fitness Goals. Please like the blog and love it like you’ll love chaoticsoulzzz


Hello Peeps,

This is Ashmita Chatterjee from and this is a new blog. I am not shutting down Chaoticsoulzzz (I cannot shut it down – Ever). But this is a new one for the new regime that I have started. It is a dedicated blog for the Fitness Goal.

This blog is named as Love Thy Self 2K15. The blog name is contributed by two very special people in my life – My best friend and my younger brother.

What is this blog all about? It is all about loving your body, hence, love thy self. I have started it in 2015 so it is named as lovethyself2K15. This blog isn’t like all those blogs that are very well written and by hardcore fitness freaks. It is from a very normal person like me. Who knows nothing about fitness but knows a little about creating good and humorous posts.

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