7 Things happened ‘cuz of my BFF

Do you ever have a feeling that what if your soul mate or best friend weren’t a part of your life? What if they never came to your life? What would be your life without them?  Did you ever think of it?

I am not sure how many people actually have found your soul mate in a best friend and not your lover, but in my case, my soul mate is indeed my best friend. She doesn’t need words to know how I feel or what am I going through. She knows my mood over the text. Isn’t that awesome? She knows how to deal with my anger, with my attitude, with my irritation. She very well knows how to calm me down and how to cheer me up.

We have been to infinite movies and dinners. We’ve taken each other on so many dates that even our boyfriends can’t match up with the numbers. We’ve spend more nights at my or her place than we would have spent with the boys. We have seen each other dead drunk and doing weird things. We’ve been upset with each other but not to the level that we break up or go apart (touchwood).

Though we’re poles apart but still we are soul sisters, soul mates and best friends.

7 Things wouldn’t have happened if my best friend (S) wouldn’t be a part of my life:

  1. Sarcasm: I have learnt sarcasm from my best friend. She is the sarcasm queen. If she didn’t come to my life I wouldn’t have been the Sarcasm Queen, myself!
  1. Being bold: All the people who know me well know how naive I was once upon a time. I am now a personality with whom people wouldn’t want to mess with. All this is because of my best friend.
  1. Love for Hollywood: I was never fond of Hollywood movies. Thanks to S who made me familiar with them and made me a crazy fan of Hollywood.
  1. Made me do things with patience: She is not at all patient about a lot of things, and because of her I have to be patient. So that we are a perfect balance of both.
  1. Say no to tears: I have always been the cry baby. However, I still cry for things, but still I cry for extremely important things. S is still working on reducing my tears from falling and I am teaching her how to cry with no efforts.
  1. Inspiration for blog posts: If she wouldn’t have been in my life I don’t know how I would get the inspirations for my blog posts. She is the first person I text when I am in them idle of a blank word document.
  1. Peaceful mind: If she hadn’t walked into my life, I wouldn’t have had a peaceful mind. My head would have blasted by now. She knows how to calm me down.

Dude, I am thankful to the Universe because the Universe has made sure you come to my life. I am also grateful to you, for sticking around through the thick and thin. I am really not sure what would my life be if you weren’t there. I can’t even imagine a day without you. We don’t meet every day but still, I know you are there and will just be a text away. You are the butter and, I am the toast. You are the water and I am the Vodka. You are the music to my ears. You are the best soul sister. And thank you for being a part of my life. I rarely, say it to you, but I love you dude!

Pic Courtesy: Chaoticsoulzzz’s Ashmita and Shrabani’s Selfie taking skills…

Readers, if you’ll have any such soul sister, soul mate or BFF tag them in the comments below. And share it on their wall.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love yourself! Be grateful!

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